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Rock It As A Parent By Taking Matthew Maynard’s Revolutionary Emotionally Strategic Parenting Course

Laugh, learn and be a better parent by taking the Emotionally Strategic Parenting course and free parenting webinar. This course is designed for every parent to polish their skills by adding more practical techniques and insightful exercises to their parenting style.

NJ, USA – Parents impact their children’s lives like no one else can, but parenting can be demanding. Over the last two decades, there has been a growing concern and interest in the role of parents in their children’s lives some for better and some for worse. When it comes to family life, every parent strives to perfect their bond with their children, while bringing them up with respect and moral values. However, it is not an easy feat. Most parents feel like they’re failing. Some parents wish they had more time to spend with their children, while others are unclear about how to instill appropriate behaviors. Others are ashamed of how often they lash out in anger at their children. Many parents report feeling anxious when confronted with their children’s challenging actions. The stress and tension can have a detrimental influence on the parent-child connection, the home environment, and the family as a whole.

To offer an in-depth, complete understanding of today’s generation, Matthew Maynard, founder of Emotionally Strategic Parenting, has a rescue plan for parents to raise a child with pure love and limits in one-of-a-kind course and free Parenting webinar. With the Emotionally Strategic Parenting Course, parents will learn how create a loving relationship while instilling principles so their children can be independent, emotionally resilient, and empowered. This result-oriented money-back guaranteed course is recently available at a massively discounted rate, while the parenting webinar is free.

He is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Private Practice Owner in Westport, Connecticut. When asked about how he got the idea to launch this course, he reveals, “Emotionally Strategic Parenting was developed for parents to work themselves OUT of a job, instead of further into one. ESP is an online, interactive course specifically designed to help parents determine their parenting approach and strategically implement it in the real world. More so than ever, the world needs self-sufficient, empowered, and mentally tough young adults. They need resilience to succeed. I am passionate about assisting parents in raising the next generation of leaders and emotionally liberated thinkers.”

Matthew Maynard understands that Parents have a dual role in raising a self-aware, respectful child who knows how to manage their emotions, make responsible decisions, and resolve conflicts non-violently. But doing all this is a challenging task. Therefore, he has designed the course with a step-by-step process, that is simple for busy and stressed-out parents to implement.

Bringing children into the world, seeing and guiding them as they grow, is the most gratifying phase of a parent’s life. However, parents are frequently confused about how to teach their children and what habits to model as they grow. The Emotionally Strategic Parenting course will present expert-level parenting solutions with real-life examples for parents with kids as young as 4, assisting them in fostering values and excellent manners in their children.

The goal of this system is also to give parents more insight on how their entire family system, as well as their own family they grew up in creates unhealthy and outdated strategies. Matthew helps parents also learn the art of rapport building to create the deeper and more influential approaches that are sustainable and empowering. He then walks parents through core strategies that are specifically used in the ESP approach and then gives them an outline on adjusting the family and parents to the new principle-based approach. Parents will also be able to allow their children to make their own choices and teach parents to let go and allow their children to be more autonomous. Lastly, they will be able to identify how to use accountability instead of compliance-based approaches to reduce power struggles and establish a healthy family hierarchy with loving, but firm authority.

Gone are the days of feeling angry and frustrated when dealing with the child: learn how to get through to children using accountability, principles, and research-based fun strategies. The course is 100% Online with the access portal, Self-Paced, and easy-to-understand and implements with 24/7 access for LIFE to all the modules, handouts, transcripts, and Strategy Sheets designed explicitly for common problematic areas. In addition, the course will guide parents through learning new ways to talk with their kids, filling them with self-confidence and positive feelings about themselves and their relationship with their parents.

With a firm belief that encouraging and supporting parents can develop positive relationships, while using accountability within their families is the key to healthier, happier children, and families. Matthew Maynard is all ready to share his pearls of experience and tried-and-true techniques with parents. So don’t miss the opportunity check out his free webinar and identify if the course is the right fit for you!

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