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Riveting Remote Seminar on ADR Changes

Post-pandemic issues still lingering between individuals or parties involved in civil matters need to be addressed quickly and efficiently. For example, it has long been known that ADR (Advanced Dispute Resolution) has been the preferred method of dealing with civil disputes. It is faster, quicker, and overall more cost-effective. In Florida, as in most other states in the US and even in Canada, ADR is a much-touted and much-debated method of conflict resolution.

The Pandemic brought several changes in ADR that were implemented in Florida, and there are yet more to come. Those involved in the field of ADR do need to be aware of these changes and can seek to have input on the current upcoming changes.

Being unaware of the changes to ADR can mean the difference between successful mediation and mediation that leaves a client without the sufficient representation they deserve. A great mediator always seeks to stay on top of current issues and implements strategies that work according to society and clients’ laws and needs.

After much research, experience, and of course, study on ADR changes, the Florida Academy of Professional Mediators, Inc. has chosen two of its most exemplary members to host a Zoom seminar on April 21, 2022, at noon EST. Kim Torres of Torres Mediation, LLC and Christina Magee of Brevard Mediation Services are presenters.

Registration, of course, is open to all current members of the Florida Academy of Professional Mediators via this link. Therefore, pre-registration is necessary as this will undoubtedly be a top-rated offering since most civil issues do indeed end up in mediation.

Although the gist of the seminar will be Florida mediation changes, mediation changes have occurred throughout the USA and Canada, and attendance at this event will indeed cover many questions and issues that mediators now face due to the changes that happened in all industries post-pandemic. Nevertheless, it is a new world faced today with new challenges in mediation, while the old challenges still exist.

Both Kim Torres and Christina Magee have decades of successful mediation behind them. They can offer genuine insights into conflict resolutions, both traditional and the newer less-traditional methods that are now coming into play in ADR. For example, Florida has long been a leader in all areas of law and government. This virtual seminar/conference should be on the list of every mediator that seeks to enhance their skills and improve the practice of mediation strategically.

About Florida Academy of Professional Mediators, Inc.

By much demand, the FAPM is hosting a zoom call that will cover all topics of changes in mediation post-pandemic. The two presenters are Kim Torres and Christina Magee, who have decades of local, state, and federal mediation under their collective belts. Pre-registration is requested as the seminar/conference is open to all within the USA and Canada. Once registered, an email will be sent with further information, which will serve as a confirmation.

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