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Riverside Tree Service Helps Family Save Historic Tree

Riverside, California – When Moses and his family started noticing signs of ill health on their oak tree, they knew they had to act quickly. The tree had been standing on the family grounds for nearly 300 years. According to Moses, his family wanted to treat the tree and ensure it remained on the landscape, improving aesthetic appeal and providing shade, for an extra 3 centuries.

The oak tree was planted more than 3 generations ago by the family’s great grandfather,” said Moses when explaining why he was willing to pay as much money as necessary to save the tree. “This means that the oak signifies memories from those three generations. The great grandfather sat under the tree, his son (the family grandfather) enjoyed the tree’s shade, and the family’s father also relaxed under it in the hot summers. The goal of investing in the tree’s treatment was to ensure future generations would also enjoy these benefits.”

Moses noted that he has always been the DIY type of person. He noted that since most of the trees on his landscape were small to average-sized, he managed to trim and improve them without any issues. However, since the oak tree was more than 100 feet tall, he had not trimmed it.”

The oak tree had gone for years without enjoying tree trimming,” said Moses. “The family suspected that the lack of tree trimming could have been one of the reasons why the tree had a sickly appearance. The tree’s crown looked overcrowded—it carried many unnecessary branches.”

Even though Moses has lived in Riverside for close to 40 years, he had never used a tree maintenance company before. For this reason, his hunt for a professional tree maintenance team started from scratch. The homeowner reportedly reached out to his neighbors who had used professional tree services before.

Most of the homeowners the family reached out to mentioned Riverside Tree Service,” said Moses. “They noted that the company was knowledgeable, had a team of experts, and their prices were affordable.”

Moses noted that even after noting Riverside Tree Service was the best company that operated in his area, he decided to do more research. He visited the company’s website and even checked its Google My Business profile. The homeowner got satisfied after noticing that the company had numerous positive reviews on its Google My Business page.

To see how Riverside Tree Service helps homeowners, visit the company’s website:

When the family called Riverside Tree Service,” said Moses, “the company was quick to pick up the phone. They sent a professional to inspect the tree and provide a quotation. After inspecting the tree, the officer provided a quotation that carried a very affordable price.”

The homeowner noted that Riverside Tree Service recommended tree pruning for the issues that the tree was facing. Just as Moses had deduced, the main cause of the tree issues was a lack of professional tree care.

When the family gave Riverside Tree Service a go-ahead to initiate a tree pruning procedure,” said Moses, “the expectation was that its team would come back the next day. However, to everyone’s surprise, the professional grabbed his phone and dialed a number. He later mentioned that the tree pruning procedure would be conducted on the same day.”

Riverside Tree Service reportedly sent a tree pruning team about 30 minutes after the quotation was presented. The team worked on the tree for about 3 hours. Removing all the unnecessary branches, the team improved the tree’s appearance.

By the time the team was leaving,” said Moses, “the family was convinced that the tree would last for another 3 centuries.”

Riverside Tree Service schedules its tree maintenance procedures from a base of operation located at 2025 Chicago Ave #1255, Riverside, CA 92507, United States. The company, however, can be contacted via +1 909-536-2412 and [email protected]

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