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Reputable Dental Implants Sydney Provider Encourages People to Change Their Lives by Having This Procedure Done

New South Wales-based Bexley Dental has been serving the oral health needs of those in the Southwest Part of Sydney for many years now. In that time, they have become a leader in their area in several dental fields. Among those is their highly popular dental implant procedures. A job that the professional dentists and support staff at the clinic are happy to do because they realize the profound impact it can have on a patient’s life when they get this procedure done. A representative of the clinic, Zainab Ali, says, “Of all of the helpful dental procedures that we do here at Bexley Dental, inserting dental implants is one of those that seems to have the most immediate results for our patients. Sometimes it seems as if they are a different person both the way a patient looks and with their attitude after the implant procedure has been completed. It’s as if we added a boost of confidence to a patient along with their new dental implants.”

Ali went on to talk about the many benefits that dental implants offer to those that get this procedure done. She says this treatment accomplishes so much more than just helping someone be able to chew a wider variety of foods. Many times, there is also a noticeable improvement in speech that goes along with getting this procedure done. They have even perfected the method of matching the implant to the color of the patient’s natural teeth. Dental implants also aren’t prone to cavities and they are very easy to care for. The clinic’s representative says a patient’s smile looks better after getting implants and this procedure often positively reshapes the face too. She added that dental implants are permanent and they will help better support a patient’s remaining natural teeth too. The clinic’s representative went on to say that there are many reasons why patients are so pleased with their dental implant procedures. Much of it she feels has to do with the experience of their dentists. Most of which are some of the most respected dentists in their chosen implant expertise in the entire Sydney area. Ali also mentioned that choosing a dentist with a vast amount of implant experience, such as their highly skilled dentists have, is paramount to the success of these types of procedures. They also have nothing but state-of-the-art equipment in their treatment rooms and they only make their replacement teeth out of the highest-quality materials.

single dental implant

Those that have had dental implants installed by the skilled professionals at Bexley Dental often rave about the way the procedure was performed on them. DavidInZetland stated, “I needed a dental implant to replace 2 teeth that were extracted 20 years ago. It required a bone graft and later on the implant of a full crown and veneer. It was quite complicated but both Dr. Theo Spyrakis and Dr. Kenny Wong did excellent work and clearly explained the procedures along the way. True professionals. I’m very happy with the new implant.”

The clinic is also well-known for the All on 4 dental implant procedure. A treatment that’s popular because it only requires 4 implants on an arch of teeth to secure a whole set of upper or lower dentures firmly in place. It’s another dental procedure that the clinic is getting many glowing reviews on. Laila Dable proclaimed, “My husband has had serious issues with his teeth for years and finally decided to do the All on 4 procedure. After having a consultation with Dr. Theo Spyrakis, he was happy to go ahead with the procedure which went really well at all stages from prep to recovery. Dr. Theo and all his staff were very helpful, caring, and professional the entire time and we highly recommend them to anyone considering the all on four procedure.”

Those in Bexley and the surrounding Sydney areas that would like more information on the oral health services that Bexley Dental offers can get that information on their business site which is found here at


For more information about Bexley Dental, contact the company here:

Bexley Dental
Zainab Ali
(02) 9567 4151
[email protected]
400 Forest Rd, Bexley NSW 2207

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