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Renowned Author Tory Envy Releases Bilingual children’s book “I Am A Big Sister – Kuv Yog Ib Tug Niam Laus”

This book is a bilingual English/Hmong children’s book about a toddler girl turning into a big sister when her new sibling arrives at home.

Saint Paul, MN, USA – Tory Envy is delighted to announce the launch of her first children’s book titled “I Am A Big Sister – Kuv Yog Ib Tug Niam Laus”.  This book is a bilingual English/Hmong children’s book about a toddler girl turning into a big sister when her new sibling arrives at home. She learns to share and care for the baby. She also learns how fun and challenging it can be to have a new family member.


Dedicating this masterpiece work to her readers, Envy said, “I am thrilled to launch my first bilingual children’s book. This book is also special to me because we don’t see many Hmong children’s books. I hope my efforts will set a trend and inspire others to create more literature related to Hmong and specially catering to children.”

Tory Envy is a Hmong-American children’s book author, singer, and musician. Envy began writing children’s books after becoming a mother. She has a toddler and an infant where she gets her best book ideas. Being Hmong and through her books, she wants to keep Hmong literacy alive.


Prior to writing children’s books, Envy debuted her single “Hlub Dhau Mus Lawm” in 2015 receiving over half a million views on YouTube. Her solo EP, “Story Cloth” followed in 2016. Envy was the lead singer of the pop-rock band, Venus on Fire, from 2009 to 2014 where she released 3 EPs and the hit single, “WAR” on Lab Records in 2013.

The reason why this book is important is because there are not many Hmong children’s books. Hmong is a small group of east Asian descent. Hmong didn’t originally have written language. The written language was developed in Laos between 1951 and 1953 by missionaries and Hmong advisors.

“I think it’s important to continue to teach this written language because Hmong is such a small minority group and its culture, language, and writing could disappear quickly if we don’t try to preserve it,” says Envy.

The book tells a story about a little girl who transitions into a big sister and develops a relationship with her new little baby sibling. It shares an interesting perspective on how siblings mingle with each other, that will keep the readers captivated till the very end. The mesmerizing saga is a reflection of the author’s natural insight, abundant wisdom and creativity. The author has infused her experience about ‘interactions between children’ in writing and curating this lovely piece.

Here’s a review about the book from a reader:

“I love the simplicity of the language in this Hmong baby book. It’s easy to follow along and easy for young children to sit and listen to. It’s also simple enough that my little children can say the hmong words as well. Great job!”


With her debut book that promises to keep the readers engaged till the last page, Envy has tried to make her contribution to Hmong’s literature. The book shares some unique thought-provoking insights about Hmong culture. Hmong history and culture has mostly existed in the form of oral stories, oral poetry, and music. A written account of Hmong life, by a Hmong hand is hard to come by. In this context, Envy’s work becomes quite significant.

Book lovers and especially those who are interested in learning about different cultures, are really going to be enlightened by this book and will love to make it part of their bookshelves.

The book is available for purchase online.


About the Author

A dynamic and multi-talented personality, Tory Envy enjoys doing multiple things and is brilliant at managing them all with such a finesse of a magician. She is a singer, musician, a charismatic entrepreneur, accomplished author, writer and storyteller, and a positive influencer.

“I Am A Big Sister – Kuv Yog Ib Tug Niam Laus” is available for purchase online at amazon.



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