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Winter has arrived, and people need to keep warm when the temperature drops. Many homes today have gas furnaces, heat pumps, or other heating devices, but countless individuals turn to firewood to keep their residence at a comfortable temperature. How can firewood be of benefit to a person today?

Firewood Uses

When people think of firewood, they typically bring to mind an open-air fire outdoors on a cool night. While firewood is great to burn for a campfire, it has several other uses that should not be ignored. For example, some homes now use wood-burning appliances rather than conventional heating systems to reduce their dependency on fossil fuels while saving money. Other people use firewood to heat their homes with the help of a wood stove or other devices. However, finding wood suitable for these purposes can be a challenge, and a person can click for more info on why this is the case. 

Should One Buy or Gather Firewood? 

A person might attempt to gather firewood rather than purchase it. While there are benefits to going this route, there are drawbacks a person must be aware of. First, they need an ongoing source of dead or dying trees, which isn’t always easy to find. The time needed to gather this firewood and make it suitable for use in a campfire, wood stove, or fireplace is significant, and wood may need to be seasoned before it can be used. For this reason, many people opt to rely on purchasing firewood for sale from a reputable supplier. 

Finding a Reputable Supplier

A person will find they can purchase firewood from a variety of sources. For example, they may head to the local home improvement store and pick up a bundle. However, Firewood sales prices can be high, thus many people find this cannot be a continuous source of wood for their needs because of the cost. Private sellers offer larger bundles of wood at a lower price, and many people choose this option. However, they may find the wood is not properly seasoned or they don’t get as much as they thought they would, and they need to purchase wood again quickly. Local firewood suppliers such as Cutting Edge Firewood serve as another option, and most individuals find this is the most reliable source of quality wood.

Types of Firewood

One could read this article, “Feeling the burn: Firewood sales, prices are blazing”. It is important to individuals when it comes to their firewood. They must know that not all wood burns the same. According to, there are two main categories of wood. Hardwood trees produce dense wood and burn hotter and longer than softwoods. For instance, a hardwood log will burn for several hours while a softwood log that is the same size will only burn approximately one hour. Furthermore, hardwood burns hotter, making it more efficient than softwood when used as firewood. 

Individuals love to gather around a fire made using cherry wood. It produces little smoke and provides a pleasant aroma. Elm produces little smoke or ash, making it ideal for indoor fires. However, make certain the aroma will be pleasing, as some people find it to be too strong. Maple is very dense and will burn very slowly. Oak remains the most common firewood in America today but requires a full year of seasoning before it should be burned. 

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