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RealBOKS Gifts Introduces New BOKS Plus Perk For Realtors

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 22, 2022 / Officially launched in 2020, the maker’s behind RealBOKS amass decades worth of experience in the arts and craftsmanship circuits, positioning themselves as true experts of gift giving. The company’s primary focus is real estate agents and brokers who seek to sustain long-lasting relationships with their clients, but the act of gratitude extends far beyond a simple gesture. More recently, they’ve introduced BOKS Plus, an extension of their existing menu that provides ample opportunity for self-expression and building a brand, taking the art of gifting a step further. With RealBOKS in the driver’s seat, your next exchange with a client or a friend will be the easiest, breeziest experience imaginable.

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For many professionals, the deal doesn’t end on the dotted line. In fact, for the select few who truly excel in their fields, it marks the beginning of a fruitful alliance solidified by mutual respect and appreciation. At its core, RealBOKS highlights the importance of a parting gift, or those little details that leave a lasting impression. In real estate, it’s customary for an agent to provide their clients with a final thanks, typically in the form of a housewarming gift or a customized arrangement. This small but mighty act of compassion runs deep within the industry, and while it still carries the same reputation it always has, some agents break a sweat trying to secure a token of gratitude at the last minute, tarnishing the essence of gifting in the process.

RealBOKS has perfected the art of showing thanks in just two short years in rotation, although the creative minds behind the business have trekked a unique terrain long before establishing their passion project. Shauna Morrissey and Joe Potier, co-founders of RealBOKS, both come from different artistic mediums that conditioned their approach to creative craftsmanship. Both Morrissey and Potier are west coast natives, and in 2019 made the bold decision to move to rural Kentucky to embrace small town charm, an ideal backdrop for establishing the early iterations of RealBOKS Gifts.

Part of the appeal in working with RealBOKS is their streamlined approach in procuring authentically made keepsakes that last a lifetime. The act of giving is made simpler with their tailored services that make a person’s biggest investment a memorable celebration, further cementing the bond between agent and buyer. Now, with BOKS Plus, the individual charm is elevated to artisanal quality, ensuring your recipient receives something of value and premium quality. BOKS Plus comes at a time when real estate, as an industry, is witnessing explosive growth and development, and one could argue that as an agent, things have never been more competitive. A closing gift is one way to separate your name from counterparts, because in many ways it’s the last interaction you’ll have with a client for some time. BOKS Plus is designed specifically for real estate professionals who want to build out their brand. The ultra-tailored nuances of BOKS Plus ensure that clients will remember their agent as someone who played a major role in a pivotal stage of their lives. This kind of lasting impression is what amounts to word-of-mouth leads and gifts that play a part in daily routines. The goods that RealBOKS supplies are made with purpose and lovingly crafted for new homeowners, and the extensions of BOKS Plus make the entire process a breeze.

RealBOKS Gifts, Friday, July 22, 2022, Press release picture

In addition to consultation, RealBOKS works closely with their clients on engraving styles, color palettes, themes, and curated items that accurately reflect your brand and serve future buyers in countless ways. The pieces are warm to the touch and exude a timeless luxury in the form of candles, kitchen utility, gourmet treats, and games for the kids. On their website, “The Marketplace” is a one-stop shop for browsing or gathering inspiration for your next BOKS, and the makers of RealBOKS source custom items whenever available. The best part might just be the same-day shipping perk, offered Monday through Friday for convenience and peace of mind.

RealBOKS Gifts is redefining the way we say ‘thank you’ by showing us the magnitude of projects with a purpose. BOKS Plus is a useful tool for real estate agents and other sectors of business, in large part for its idyllic suite of handmade goods that make gift giving a surprisingly simple task. At the end of the day, it isn’t the simplicity that adds wings to these pretty things, but the ability to celebrate and appreciate major hallmarks while thinking outside the box.


Based in rural Kentucky, RealBOKS supplies authentically crafted gift sets for real estate agents, brokers, and those seeking an elevated assertion of gratitude. Officially launched in 2020, RealBOKS has excelled in streamlining the gifting process in a way that’s meaningful and thought-provoking, and their pastoral craftsmanship works especially well for final closing gifts or housewarming favors.


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