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ReadinGraphics Launches First and Only Visual Non-Fiction Book Summary Service for Visual Learners

This company provides book summaries about business and personal development in infographic, text, and audio formats for busy entrepreneurs and corporate executives.

ReadinGraphics, an e-learning services provider, launches its non-fiction book summary service for busy entrepreneurs and corporate executives. The company pioneers the production of infographics, in addition to detailed text and audio summaries, in the e-learning industry. Intended for business and personal development book readers, the company said its summaries cater to people with different learning styles, particularly visual learners.

While infographics provide a mental model to lock in ideas for readers, text and audio summaries capture the points in detail. These options make it easier for readers to understand the book’s main message. They also make key points easier to remember, and allow readers to refresh their memory at a glance.

“We go for quality over quantity. We select only the top books with timeless concepts or actionable insights for achieving business and personal development goals. Examples include books that help improve relationships, develop sound strategies, enhance profits, cultivate strong leaders, improve productivity, build wealth, etc.” the company’s spokesperson said. Unlike other book summary providers in the market, many of which hire freelancers to mass-produce summaries, ReadinGraphics selects only a few top books each month and covers them in depth.

The company provides people with the option to read free short summaries on its blog, buy a la carte summaries, or get premium subscriptions for all summaries. ReadinGraphics premium subscribers can read or listen to the summaries online or download content via mp3 or PDF format to print or keep on their devices.

Currently, the top users of ReadinGraphics include business leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals who already read a lot and want to improve their results. These readers keep on coming back for the quality of the summaries, which are comprehensive yet succinct. They also rave about the infographic summaries, which the users consider a gamechanger, especially for visual learners.

Feedback for ReadinGraphics has completely endorsed the brand and its approach. Josh Rutzen, a Purchasing Manager from the United States said, “I have used other summary services and found ReadinGraphics the best service for me. The team at RIG can read a book, assimilate the information to its most important elements and communicate those important parts to me in a digestible format. As a visual thinker, I can more easily recall the actionable/important points because they are laid out and formatted in a clever way.”

CEO of Moving Bits Jay Soo, from Singapore, said “I listen to a lot of audiobooks and podcasts, usually when I’m driving, because the moment I get out of my car, I’m just overloaded with stuff to do. And as I’m listening, I can’t take notes because I’m driving. With ReadinGraphics, I just need to log in and download those notes. Even better, because reading reams of words is not my favorite thing to do, they are laid out in a beautiful visual format. This may be the business world’s most valuable website.”

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About ReadinGraphics

ReadinGraphics is the world’s first infographic summary provider of non-fiction books. They offer actionable insights and success tips from best-selling books, summarized in easy-to-digest graphics, audio, and text formats.

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