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Rainier Debuts a Book of Poetry – Life! The Journey of the Soul

Life! The Journey of the Soul provides insights into how Rainier navigated the highs and lows of life until he reached an understanding of his wider purpose.

Earlier this year, poet and author Rainer debuted a volume of diverse verses providing insights into the life he lived. The poetry book Life! The Journey of the Soul is poignant in its iteration of Rainer’s life journey, how he lived through each moment and learned from each experience. Rainier’s poems are complemented by beautiful illustrations from the Indonesian visual artist Ketut Endrawan. Balboa Press published Life! The Journey of the Soul on June 28, 2021.

As a young man, Rainier travelled Australia without a concrete destination or schedule. After many years of wandering, he travelled back home to build a foundation and ruminate on his experiences, penning them in a collection of 45 lyrical poems. Each poem is an introspective reflection that evokes vivid images and memories that millions of people can relate to.

The poems also contain thought-provoking questions that express humanity and echo struggles people face as they walk a path through life.

In one of his poems, The Journey of Life, he asks, “I understand black and white, the many shades of grey, but what defines right from wrong, the many variations of its form?”

Rainier’s candid reflections examine life connections, big and small, from successes and failures to navigating forbidden love and personal growth. All these experiences taught him to learn, love, and ultimately realize that life is the greatest gift of all.

Rainier beautifully captures this feeling when he wrote the following verse in his poem, The Journey Within.

“I cannot turn back now; I must go on.
Just as the body must return to the Earth,
I, too, must return so complete and true,
To that special place where we all once began,
On a mission of discovery, the search for ourselves,
As we slowly unwrap the gift of life, all in a play so deep within life’s play.”

Through his poems, Rainier hopes to evoke his readers’ thoughts and understanding, encouraging introspection in simple moments as they progress through their unique life experiences.

Life! The Journey of the Soul is available both as a paperback and as an eBook. It can be purchased at Balboa Press, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Rainier hosts his own website, Poetry by Rainier, to share his other literary contributions with the public. Find more details here:

About Rainier

Rainier is a passionate poet born in Sri Lanka and based in Melbourne, Australia. After reflecting on the various events that transpired in his life, Rainier decided to pen his thoughts as a form of self-expression. He later elected to share his introspections with more people in his debut poetry book – Life! The Journey of the Soul.

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