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Quickly and Effortlessly Transform Bad Habits and Behavior

Nina Manny CHT helps clients access their super conscious and become their best selves with new audio programs

July 21, 2022 – Overeating, unhealthy food choices and smoking are among the most common subconsciously driven unwanted habit behaviors that people struggle with. But sadly, as history shows over and over again, such habits are usually the ones hardest to change permanently. Nina Manny CHT introduces Nousemic, a collection of new at-home audio programs to help people start living a healthier lifestyle right away.

Those who have not been able to stop smoking or lose weight seek out Manny when other methods have failed. More effective than the traditional style of hypnotherapy, leading expert in the field of consciousness and subconscious behavior, Nina Manny CHT created Nousemic to empower clients who have not had success on their own. The freedom to transform old habits and behaviors practically without effort, in a preferred environment is drawing people to this new, “independent” form of self transformation.

“For years people have had to be wait listed and travel for in person sessions, but it was the pandemic that finally forced me to modify the technique,” said Manny. “I was initially shocked [at] reports that people responded equally as well at home with the audio programs, independently, as my face-to-face clients! Not only has the Nousemic method been extremely successful for people, but it has also enabled a more financially practical and diverse reach than I ever could have offered before.”

Going beyond commonly used [scripted] hypnotherapy Nina Manny CHT, a leading expert in the field of consciousness and subconscious behavior helps clients, and now listeners, rapidly and permanently change self-sabotaging behavior without the risk of transferring to or developing another unwanted habit. As she and other industry professionals expand methods of unlocking human potential, programs like Nousemic help people discover what has been driving their subconscious thoughts and in the process, master how to self-reprogram their own minds.

About Nina Manny CHT

Officially found at Nina Manny CHT brings a refreshing new approach to wellness and whole-being regeneration. Discover Manny’s new audio programs for breaking bad habits permanently. See why Nina Manny is a trusted wellness professional.

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