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Providing Businesses Transparency on the Executive Search Process

A News educational resource on how to hire CEOs, and other C-level executives, confidential search. As well as the business and the process of executive search.

For businesses, an executive search can be a time-consuming, challenging process. However, it is essential, and the time commitment is vital to reduce risk and potential costs. This means that people unfamiliar with the executive search process may be intimidated by working with executive search firms, usually when they are in a hurry and more than ever require professional assistance.

Veteran executive search consultant Robert Travis is the creator of the popular executive search advice Blog On his site, Robert shares his wealth of knowledge and experience from over 26 years of executive search.

Robert is driven to share his knowledge to help everyone find the information needed online in a simple and no-nonsense format. The blog is written to help companies at any step of the search process they may be at and is designed to help those with a minor or significant role in their business when hiring their next leader. There are endless questions to be asked on the topic, and Robert tackles them one by one.

With over 50 articles and guides and growing on the topic of executive search, Robert answers the questions he receives daily from his clients, peers, and new team members. Answering large, complicated questions such as how to hire a CEO and highlighting the rarely talked about aspects of executive search such as conducting a confidential executive search.

It should be no surprise that giving professionals access to clear answers to their questions will speed up and better the search process, leading to better results when recruiting executive talent. Robert hopes to improve the practice of many search companies than unnecessarily conceal or overcomplicate the executive search process.

Who is Robert Travis?

As Managing Partner at Boyden, Robert Travis. Who has filled 400+ senior positions for 130+ companies based in North America, the UK, and Europe, including large international companies such as Shell, BP, Pepsi, Royal Unibrew, WorldLine, Hilti, and Duravit.

Robert has proven expertise in leading executive search teams. Teams who are responsible for finding a key executive, entire leadership teams, helping businesses looking to expand abroad, replacing underperforming leaders discreetly, and a wide range of other executive search services. He has plenty to share about the executive search process and the business of executive search.

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