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Predictiv Announces Partnership with Ssivix Lab for Implementing Predictive & Preventive Medicine for Telemedicine Healthcare Practitioners

The partnership deal between Predictiv and Ssivix Lab is with the intent that health practitioners will be provided with a tool with appropriate genomic information that integrates necessary features for improved medical services

The management of Predictiv has announced a strategic partnership between them and a Singapore-based Health tech company, Ssivix Lab. The partnership deal will see that Predictiv provides its partners and users will provide an integrated solution with which they can effectively serve patients with the best medical services possible with the most advanced preventive medicine technology.

Speaking about the partnership, CEO of Predictiv, Sajung Yun said “This exciting collaboration with Ssivix lab will enable our partners and users to go one step further by bringing them an all-in-one platform that integrates the tools they need to predict, prevent and monitor the health of their patients.”

One of the many advantages of this partnership is the provision of a personalized approach to predictive medicine which will significantly increase the patient-physician relationship by going far beyond medicine and healthcare. Both Predictiv and Ssivix Lab will collaborate to integrate their technologies to deliver a range of DNA-Based AI-powered services ensuring that clinics and healthcare providers are better equipped to support their patients.

“The Initiative is a journey towards affordable and easily accessible preventive care from curative use. We combine Artificial Intelligence, Big Data technology to develop a Digital Health Ecosystem for the community to use,” said Anwar Rafique, CEO of Ssivix Lab.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, health practitioners and workers have been on their feet working tirelessly to combat the virus and other diseases that affect humans today. The approach used over the years does not suffice anymore hence the need for more technological advancement especially in the areas of predicting diseases and monitoring patients. Hence, the partnership between Predictiv and Ssivix Lab, two technologically-driven solution providers in the health sector is a laudable venture.

The partnership is set to commence from June 2021, and it would enable practitioners and key players in the health sector the ability to predict, prevent, and monitor the health of patients. Already, Predictiv is assessing the level of risk on over 22,000 diseases and Ssivix Lab has a one-stop solution for all family healthcare needs called “MyCLNQ”. If the partnership pulls through, the systems in place both at Predictiv and Ssivix Lab would be further strengthened.

About Predictiv

Founded by Johns Hopkins researchers and serial entrepreneurs, Predictiv is a ground-breaking genomics-based solution aiming at reinventing medicine. Predictiv uses a unique technology that provides a DNA-Based digital twin for health that analyzes the whole genome of a patient to predict and prevent risks on more than 22,000 diseases, and to simulate reactions to 750 drugs.

About Ssivix Lab

Ssivix Lab is a Singapore-based Health Tech company, focused on connected health also known as technology-enabled care (TEC). The company is successfully running a connected health ecosystem called “MyCLNQ” which is a one-stop solution for all family healthcare needs. The AI-enabled mobile app focuses on telemedicine, mHealth, eHealth services. The company believes in providing affordable healthcare and an age-friendly environment for patient care.

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