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Praise of Life, Driving the World’s Third Cultural Renaissance – USA


Use art to convey emotion, use culture to interpret wealth. In the pursuit of unlimited spiritual wealth, from Hongshan, the birthplace of Chinese civilization for thousands of years, hundreds of Hongshan craftsmen, led by Zhai Peng, the founder of the great revival of Chinese culture, have spent ten years to create a cultural symbol belonging to this era – the large jade sculpture group of “Praise of Life”, driving the world’s third cultural The third cultural revival in the world.

In the large jade carving group work Praise of Life, the Hongshan artisans used a large amount of natural beauty jade for their artistic creation. This 7.2+ hardness jade is hard, translucent and richly colored, with shades of yellow and red, as well as mutton fat white, green and white, black, gray and green. It is known as “yellow like gold, red like blood, white like ice, and black like ink”, and is second only to diamond in hardness, making it an extremely valuable raw material for collection and art.

The natural formation of the Dongpo meat stone layers, clear texture, you can observe the pores on top of the meat stone, is truly the best on earth, can be worth a lot of money, when the Singaporean tycoon willing to offer hundreds of millions of dollars to buy, have failed to see its high value. And several works of the American chapter of the praise of life, also using precious jade raw materials, after a simple polishing, the use of a complete piece of raw materials for perfect presentation, by virtue of the Hongshan craftsmen’s research on jade and the persistent pursuit of culture and art, but also in the long-term practice of the process of summing up the unique design concept and processing technology, pushing the boundaries, developed a variety of soup, paste, juice and other food culture unique mimetic complex emerging process. Leading a new historical breakthrough in the field of global art.


tiramisù (loanword from Italian meaning “pull-me-up”)

The perfect tiramisu is made from a careful blend of contrasting ingredients – eggs, thick mascarpone, sugar, coffee and chocolate – and the Hongshan artisans have searched long and hard to find a stone with a colour and texture very similar to that of tiramisu, which has been polished with great skill to bring back the delicate, soft texture of tiramisu.


Häagen-Dazs ice cream cake

The slow melting form of the ice cream on the top layer of the ice cream cake and the distinctive color of the top and bottom are extremely difficult to recreate. The Hongshan craftsmen use a unique mimetic sculpting process for the fluffiness of the ice cream and buttercream, presenting a unique light texture that is quite aesthetically pleasing and rhythmic while being restored.

hamburger (loanword)

The burger is a notable representative of American food culture, with each American consuming an average of nearly three burgers per week. As an important component of restoring American food culture, this work differs from others in that the burger is layered from top to bottom with patties, vegetables, meat patties, and cheese in different colors. It is already difficult to find jade materials that resemble the real burger, and the Hongshan craftsmen used a variety of traditional techniques and combined with modern techniques to carve it over the years to complete such a perfect representation of American This is a representative work of American food culture.

The hot dog represents America’s endangered and complex immigrant culture, and has become almost synonymous with American cuisine since its appearance in the nineteenth century. Fluffy bread and firm sausage, two completely different textures are brought to life by the meticulous craftsmanship of Hongshan’s artisans, interpreting the representative culture of the West and highlighting its unique dog (loanword)


In the large jade carving work of Praise of Life, the Hongshan craftsmen used the mysterious jade carving techniques of the East to make a perfect interpretation of Western artistic expressions and American cuisine. Zhai Peng, the mastermind of the Hongshan Artisans “Praise of Life” large jade carving group, has described his original intention of creating this work “to complete this work for the prosperity of our culture, but also to use this way to drive the whole world, to promote the third world cultural renaissance.”


At the beginning of the 14th century, the outstanding artists represented by Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael Renaissance Three, through their creation in the field of culture and art, set off an ideological and cultural movement that swept the world, causing a profound impact on the world. At present, the jade carving works of Praise of Life and the world’s top jade carving global food and culture museum, which are dedicated by Hongshan craftsmen, are driving the world towards the third cultural renaissance, displaying the charm of culture and art and creating a new splendor of world culture.

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