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Positron Emission Tomography Market End User and Witness High Growth Demand During by 2031

Positron Emission Tomography Market – Overview

The positron emission tomography market has been anticipated to experience various novel growth opportunities in the near future. The growth impetuses in the global market are commonly attributed to the rising demand for PET analysis in radiopharmaceuticals. In addition to this, the integration of x-ray tomography into PET is also working as an important factor to boost the growth avenues in the global market in the upcoming years.

In recent years, numerous technological advancements are taking place, for instance, the introduction of TOF (Time of Flight) and others. Along with this, the rising popularity of hybrid imaging systems is also estimated to fuel the growth avenues in the global market in the foreseeable years. These hybrid systems, that use combined scanners, for example, MRI/PET, CT/PET, and CT/SPECT have also been projected to bolster the expansion avenues in the global market in the following years.

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There has been a rapid increase in the use of these PET scanners in clinical trials, for instance, imaging biomarkers, in order to determine the therapeutic response to the novel cancer therapeutics. Thus, based on this rising application, the global market is estimated to grow at a significant speed in the near future.

Positron Emission Tomography Market – Key Drivers

There are a lot of advantages that are associated with positron emission tomography. For instance, these systems have been available with the ability to the detection of substantial changes in the metabolism of glucose. Along with this, these are also helpful to complete the shutoff of neoplastic cell metabolism at the initial stage at the time of the treatment process. These capabilities of the system from the positron emission tomography market are helpful for clinicians in order to detect the effectiveness of the given antineoplastic treatment at the earlier stages in comparison with conventional radiological detection.

These systems from the positron emission tomography market have also become a cornerstone in various oncologic processes, for instance, tumor staging and restaging. Thus, based on these factors, the global market is predicted to grow at a substantial stage in the near future.

Positron Emission Tomography Market – Recent Developments and Key Players

The key players serving in the positron emission tomography market have been adopting numerous strategies to develop novel growth opportunities in the near future. Mergers and acquisitions, expansion of company network, partnerships or agreements, and novel product launches are some of these market strategies to create growth impetuses. The companies are using the mergers and acquisitions in order to utilize respective strengths, for instance, capture the untapped markets, enhance company portfolio, develop novel products, distribution network, and intense R & D activities.  

For instance, GE Healthcare has been backing a collaboration among Oncovision, Full Body Insight, and Quibim in July 2021. The motive of this initiative is to build an innovative total-body CT/PET scanner for the simultaneous imaging of whole-body.

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Some of the key players in the positron emission tomography market are:

  • Agfa Healthcare
  • GE Healthcare
  • Oncovision,
  • Neusoft Medical Systems
  • CMR Naviscan

Positron Emission Tomography Market – Regional Assessment

The positron emission tomography market has been bifurcated into five major regions for instance North America, Asia Pacific, South America, Europe, and the Middle East & Africa on the basis of geographical areas. North America is predicted to grow at a rapid pace in the foreseeable years. The growth impetuses in the region are attributed to the technological advancements in PET imaging for advanced diagnostics applications and oncology. Along with this, increasing demand for precision diagnostics is also fueling growth opportunities in the regional market. The rising prevalence of cancer, for instance, prostate cancer and breast cancer has also been driving the demand opportunities in the positron emission tomography market in the near future.

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