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Polaris (NPSDAO): Make the wealth creation a passive, automated process

For as long as the modern financial system has existed, the ability to achieve financial freedom has only been available to those who start out with wealth; more often than not, people need to be born into a successful family, have access to a strong financial education, and the initial capital to change their fortunes.

For the majority of ordinary people that exist in society, creating a wealth side from 0 to 1 is a huge chasm that is extremely difficult to cross, meaning that we have to spend most of our time toiling and earning an income, never reaching the stage where we can actually build wealth.


The introduction of blockchain crypto networks and decentralised finance offers a number of effective improvements to the way our current social financial system works, with the logic of decentralisation removing the geographical barriers and permission-seeking of traditional systems, but we must acknowledge that financial inclusion is not without ‘barriers’ for the average person.

  • You need a lot of technical knowledge (knowledge)
  • You will need to invest a lot of time to regularly monitor trends and markets (time)
  • You also need to have high transaction costs (capital)

These prerequisites of expertise, time and capital make access to the world of decentralised finance (DeFi) a luxury available to a select few.

We firmly believe that this vicious circle should cease to exist and that anyone should be able to control their financial future, regardless of the country they live in, their economic status, their technical expertise, or their level of financial education.

Polaris Strategic Vision

We – Polaris – envisage a world where Wealth creation is a passive, automated process, accessible to anyone with an internet connection, without heavy preconditions, and the strategies for creating wealth are in the hands of the widest possible range of people, spread across the globe and properly motivated.

The implementation of this concept is Polaris DAO (NPSDAO).


Our kinetic energy

Any finished project is a gradual process from outlining to landing. From day one of NPSDAO’s birth we have strived to make it a fully decentralized community that shifts cryptocurrency investment from venture capitalists to the wisdom of the crowd through collective value.

NPSDAO has outlined and is putting into practice an even greater blueprint: the combination of TrueAMM+VirtualAMM+NFT2.0 is what gives us the confidence to take the lead in the future and be the first to move into the DAO2.0 era.

For technical applications, NPSSwap, the DeFi eco-integration of NPSDAO, carries the glory of the NPSDAO organisation and the hope of innovation for future DeFi applications.

Our beliefs and objectives

Polaris initiator Melanie Swan is a quantitative director and senior blockchain expert at Singularity University with extensive experience in quantitative analysis and decentralisation theory research.

Melanie Swan leads the Polaris Swap development team and 10 top tech geeks active in the blockchain network and a coalition of over 90 communities worldwide to launch a distributed autonomous organisation – PolarisDAO (NPSDAO), with DeFi smart contracts at its core, operating with a DAO decentralised governance mechanism.

NPSDAO is rapidly fracturing and growing into a global, international DAO community organisation.

The advantage of DeFi over the traditional financial sector lies in his openness and transparency, in addition to the decentralisation, the absence of participation thresholds and the absence of trust and authorisation. Therefore, in all our actions, we strive for decentralisation, transparency, sustainable growth, direct control and supervision by DAO members. And in this way we build a decentralised and sustainable basis for the creation of an economically free existence for everyone.

Media Contact
Company Name: Polaris Cryptocurrency Foundation
Contact Person: Melanie Swan
Email: Send Email
City: Los Angeles
State: CA
Country: United States

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