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Pink Piggy becomes the first meme coin to be named after a pink pig

Pink Piggy is the first meme coin that has been named after a little pink pig.

Pink Piggy is the first meme coin that has been named after a little pink pig. It is on the Binance Smart Chain. This meme coin has the illustration of a little pink pig named Piggy. 

The meme coin aims to unite the strongest community of the Binance Smart Chain around it. Pink Piggy wants to become the next biggest cryptocurrency in the world.

The Pink Piggy smart contract is a 100% safe fork of the MetaPets smart contract. There is no maximum wallet or transaction limit for the users. Every user has the right to exchange as per their wish. There is no limit on anyone. Everyone can acquire as much as they want. Adding constraints or limitations are ineffective as users often get diverted and end up having several wallets.

According to a spokesperson of Pink Piggy, “We are in the early stage of the project. Therefore we want to acquire an interesting amount of tokens. We want to grant these tokens to the investors who are convinced about our success as much as we are.”

The Pink Piggy team wants to bring the best facilities to the strong and growing community of investors. They want to provide the best facilities to the users so that they do not need to have several wallets to meet their needs. 

The team believes in the organic growth of the meme coin. They believe that investors who are acquired by organic growth are those who believe in the project and are convinced about its success.

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About Pink Piggy:

Pink Piggy is the first meme coin to bear the name of a small pink pig. The Binance Smart Chain hosts it. A little pink pig named Piggy is depicted on this meme coin. The meme coin’s goal is to bring the Binance Smart Chain’s most powerful community together around it. Pink Piggy aspires to be the world’s next largest cryptocurrency.

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