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Passive E-Commerce Helps Homeowners Make Monthly Income Without Renters

SCOTTSDALE, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / October 5, 2021 / While dealing with the unprecedented COVID-19 health pandemic and the chaos it created on home budgets, families began viewing their personal finances differently. Instead of employment outside the home, many sought new streams of income beyond the boundaries of the traditional 9-to-5 workday.

Passive E-Commerce, a startup based in Scottsdale, Arizona, explains how tapping into home equity can create new wealth for families, regardless of their current financial situation:

  • Homeowners use their home equity to provide a line of credit for an online store
  • As orders are placed, the line of credit is used to fulfill them
  • The profits generated are paid out every 2-4 weeks

This method provides homeowners with a unique opportunity to earn consistent monthly cash flow from the booming e-commerce market, without doing any of the traditional work involved with running their own store. Passive E-commerce takes care of everything, from finding the best products at wholesale price to determining a competitive retail price to dealing with suppliers to managing daily operations and customer service.

“Essentially, what we’ve created is a bridge over the knowledge and accessibility gap, so that virtually anyone can leverage platforms like Amazon to build wealth through lucrative programs that were previously reserved for the affluent,” said founder Steven Zeller. “It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned investor or a single mom of three living paycheck-to-paycheck, we have cash flow options that work for almost anyone.”

A unique function of the Passive E-commerce business model is how it helps each client access capital to cash flow. For savvy investors with money ready to allocate, it’s “plug and play.” For everyone else, the platform provides a plethora of strategies to acquire capital, including unlocking home equity without increasing debt or taking out a loan.

With an online store managed by Passive E-commerce’s dedicated team, homeowners can create new income without the hands-on attention required by more traditional methods. Rejecting a “business as usual” approach, Passive E-commerce has made generating a passive monthly income accessible to everyone, not just another investment vehicle for the affluent.

Passive E-commerce also offers a referral program that pays referral partners a percentage of monthly profits and other incentives for spreading the word about this amazing opportunity.

Response to this new method of generating additional streams of income has been very well received. Mr. Zeller is committed to helping everyone expand their knowledge and wealth. When asked about the future of his company, he simply added with a smile, “We are just getting started.”

To learn more about Passive E-commerce and its cash flow programs, visit

Passive E-commerce offers a monthly cash flow program committed to helping people of all financial means create additional income streams. The company specializes in helping clients access capital, opening online stores, working with suppliers, order fulfillment, and managing day-to-day operations.


Company Name: Passive E-commerce LLC
Phone: 602-814-1851

SOURCE: Passive E-commerce LLC

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