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Paramine PrizmX offers a Decentralised Order Book-based crypto trading platform with complete control over Prizmx prices by trading them P2P.

PrizmXchange is a crypto solution based in UAE instigated by Illuminate fintech Solutions, a start-up venture in the fintech sector.

PrizmXchange is an exclusive trading platform developed to provide a secure repository, smart para mining, instant marketplace, and value preference through the technically inventive solution for a great coin developed by a team of PrizmXchange.

It allows the transfer window of the cryptographic coins utilizing the P2P network to transmit input, hashing as a synchronization signal to prevent double-spending.

Their vision is to provide a suitable trading platform without fake auto market-making script, which has destroyed the original concept of the decentralized nature of crypto asset value by trading them with counterfeit stablecoins launched in 2016 through various exchanges under the pretence of providing a global value standard to crypto assets like bitcoins. Through PrizmX Coin and P2P order book, one can match buyer and seller prices depending upon the demand and supply algorithm. Provide safe, reliable crypto payment solutions through standardized Fees and easy-to-integrate API to develop a complete ecosystem from smart contracts to a decentralized independent blockchain network.

PRIZMX uses a system where each “coin” in a wallet’s balance can be treated as a miniature mining farm. Having replenished the wallet’s balance with just 1 PRIZMX coin, the automated process of coin generation initiates.

PrizmXchange is a self-para mining platform where one isn’t bound to invest in hardware, electricity, workforce, or stake vast amounts of PrizmXchange for generating new coins. It provides decentralized order book-based crypto trading where the price of crypto is decided by users, and the order is matched only when the actual buyer and seller order is matched, like in P2P trading instead of the current AMM (Auto Market Maker) order book.

The biggest threat to the decentralized nature of crypto is the unchecked supply of stable coins on centralized exchanges.

At PrizmXchange, they provide the para-mining feature based upon actual demand and supply logic & a self-regulating system with unique para-mining technology and native Blockchain. It is a 100% proof-of-stake cryptocurrency based upon the following core, built on the open-source java language.

PRIZMXCHANGE understand the technology and its potential; hence they have developed an exclusive marketplace based on PRIZMX CRYPTO COIN.

Their philosophy of Decentralized Crypto means the real value of the asset is decided by its real owner, who holds them and sells them at the price he wants to sell at and is not dependent on fake Market Maker Liquidity based order books on a centralized exchange or FAKE STABLE COIN based DeX exchanges.

At PRIZMXCHANGE, all holders of PRIZMX Coins bought from PRIZMXCHANGE shall become bonafide owners of their real crypto asset PRIZMX, and they will have the power of deciding at what price they want to sell their asset like any other tangible asset class, i.e Property, Car, Diamond, etc. Peer to Peer Trading based order book matching only when Buyer & Seller price is Matched without any manipulation by Auto Market Maker Script shall ensure that the price of PRIZMX remains in the people’s control who hold and own them.

Unlike any other crypto that came into existence, PRIZMX’s primary purpose is to provide fast, economical, borderless & safe, independent payment solutions to the global community.

To access their wallet services or to swap any of your cryptos with PZMX and to know more about them, visit

Media Contact
Company Name: Prizmxchange
Contact Person: Sujit J
Email: Send Email
Phone: +971-045291340
Address:Dubai Silicon Oasis
City: Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates

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