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Pacific Trade Launches NFT Project To Help Community Members Earn Passively On The Blockchain

The new collection of 100,000 Pacific Alpha NFTs will grant holders exclusive access to the company’s blockchain trade network, as well as other utilities that include passive earning in the Metaverse and early bird access to future mints

Pacific Trade is delighted to announce the launch of a new NFT collection, designed to unlock a limitless flow of abundance in the metaverse through digital trading, NFTs, and Web3.0. Consisting of 100,000 Pacific Success Keys, the new Pacific Alpha NFTs will grant holders direct access to the company’s exclusive blockchain trade network, where they can trade and earn passive income – leveraging the platform’s world-class tools and guidance.

Ever since cryptocurrencies took center stage in the global investment sector, millions of up-and-coming investors have expanded their portfolios to accommodate the digital coins, in hopes of maximizing the lucrative opportunities they possess. However, while crypto trading has created its series of billionaires, the majority of investors have sadly fallen prey to dishonest digital trading companies who promise outrageous returns in impossible time frames, causing many investors to lose their hard-earned capital.

Focused on changing the narrative, Pacific Trade is building a community of Alpha investors and traders, who will fearlessly and efficiently seek out the safest, and most lucrative opportunities in the metaverse, to ensure investors always receive profitable returns. The new Pacific Alpha NFT Community will identify the best trading positions and also share valuable tools and insights, all of which will help members succeed in their trading pursuits, and also bring forth growth and good climatic change to the Metaverse.

Built on the Polygon Blockchain, each of the 100,000 Pacific Success Keys in the NFT collection will grant holders premium access to the Pacific Trade digital trade hub, where they will instantly begin earning passive income. The company has also revealed that the entire collection will be ERC-1155 contract compliant, and save relevant information permanently in the Polygon Matic Network and other systems, to eliminate the possibility of tampering.

Additionally, the top 20 highest Pacific Success Key holders will be automatically added to a special Pacific Alpha NFT Committee, where they will join the project founders in determining the next steps in growing the community. While members of this special Alpha committee will get a special monthly bonus of 5ETH, all holders of the Pacific Success Keys will enjoy a free mint on two of the project’s future NFT sets, scheduled to be launched early next year.

A special investment fund of 50ETH will also be set aside to support the community’s initiative of helping members become NFT & Crypto Billionaires – through continuous lectures and guidance on how to effectively use the platform’s unique tools to advance themselves on the metaverse. Each Pacific Success Key will cost 0.0179 WETH, and also confer derivative rights to holders, letting them create and sell derivative works of the particular NFTs they own.

To learn more about this project, or to join the growing community of Pacific Alpha investors on a mission to reinvent the blockchain investment ecosystem, please reach out to Pacific Trade via the contact info below.

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Company Name: Pacific Trade
Contact Person: Derrick Peterson
Email: Send Email
Country: United States

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