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Oviond, a growing digital marketing reporting platform outlines the importance and need for Digital Marketing Reports

Oviond is a popular digital marketing monitoring and reporting solution and is trusted by over 3,500 digital marketing agencies globally. Oviond’s digital marketing reports provide an intuitive solution for delivering on-brand reporting to digital marketing agencies and brands that make use of one or more digital marketing channels.

(PRUnderground) September 29th, 2021

Oviond digital marketing reports can display both real-time data and historical data from multiple digital marketing sources on a single platform. Oviond’s ease of use, extensive feature list, and comprehensive template library of 150+ pre-built report templates make it an easily adaptable platform for both inexperienced and established digital marketing agencies.

Digital marketing reports expand on dashboards, by providing an informative and respectable showcase of your client’s historical digital marketing data in a neat on-brand document” says Chris Irwin, co-founder of Oviond.

Oviond allows users to create automated and white-labeled reports that can be customized and shared with clients effortlessly. Providing overviews of important marketing KPIs through the use of beautiful data visualizations has never been easier. This makes Oviond’s digital marketing reports the perfect solution for periodic reporting.

Making use of Oviond’s reports is intuitive, uncomplicated, and clean in this feature-packed digital marketing monitoring and reporting solution. To learn more, visit Oviond. Browse Oviond’s current report templates at

“Oviond solves a vast array of digital marketing reporting challenges for digital marketing agencies and brands by allowing them to choose how they would like to showcase their data, while  removing the headache of manual reporting. As a worldwide solution, Oviond is perfectly positioned to support agencies and brands from all corners of the globe.”

About Oviond

Founded in 2018, Oviond is a digital marketing monitoring and reporting software platform for small to medium-sized digital marketing agencies. Oviond combines marketing data from over 40 of the most popular marketing tools into one simple platform. To learn more about digital marketing reports, visit Oviond.

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