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Oriel Push Offers E-Commerce Businesses a Unique Solution to Maximize Website Audience Value

Oriel Push is a Technology company that offers unique SaaS push notification-based tools driven by machine-learning technologies.

Notifications are arguably among the simplest and effective methods of approaching potential and actual customers. However, there are numerous parameters that separate spam and relevant notifications, that include frequency, content, and more. 

Oriel Push offers a fresh, brand-new approach to push notifications, which allows businesses to stay in touch with their customers. 

The Oriel SaaS e-commerce tools rely on predictive user behavior to ensure effective, engaging communication, which is the key to a long-term relationship between loyal customers and any brand that wants to remain relevant:

“Oriel was created to allow business owners to communicate with their customers in a relevant and targeted way. Oriel has built unique, affordable SaaS tools driven by machine-learning and predictive user behavior to provide online businesses with effective communication tools.“

The Oriel emphasizes the importance of customizable notifications over bland, “one size fits all” type messages that customers often dismiss as irrelevant. Oriel Push wants to provide businesses and customers the necessary tools to keep their clients satisfied rather than forcefully engaged in one-way dialogues. 

Oriel Push services revolve around web push engagements that brands can utilize in whichever way they deem relevant at any given time. The customizable aspect of notifications offers companies the means to adapt their strategies and implement new elements to the messages they want to share across both specific target groups and wider audiences:

“Oriel’s fully customizable push notification messages can deliver offers, updates, and reminders to any businesses’ customers on their mobile phones. Using Oriel’s targeting tools, businesses can ensure that these messages are tailored to align with the needs of their customers to maximize engagement and drive conversions.“

The brand’s services are straightforward, easy to use, and easy to implement within any business plan model. The SaaS technology Oriel Push offers is mainly targeted at e-commerce shops and vendors, web directories, and streaming websites; however, the versatile application of Oriel push notifications allows them to be implemented within any business sphere and industry. 

Given that audience engagement is still a dominant factor in Oriel Push services, brands can expect top-quality service backed by state-of-the-art technologies; subscriber nurturing can be both engaging and efficient when backed by professional work. 

Oriel Push services are available in four different price package variants, including Publisher, Growth, Professional, and Enterprise. The main difference between the aforementioned packages is in the number of available push subscribers; the Publisher package offers 50,000 push subscribers; the Growth package offers 100,000 while the Professional package offers 300,000 subscribers and unlimited notifications. 

All pricing plans can be tested with a free 14-day trial and offer custom user segments, unlimited push campaigns, A/B testing, and GDPR benefits. 

More information about Oriel Push can be found at the brand’s official website.

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Company Name: Oriel Push
Contact Person: Leonard Dumitru
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Phone: +1 646-630-9320
Country: United States

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