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Ontario Home Builders’ Association Launches 3rd Party Election Advocacy Campaign Exposing Ontario’s Housing Crisis

It’s Time to Cut the **** and Demand Action

Cut the ****


Toronto, March 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, the Ontario Home Builders’ Association is proud to present the launch of our 2022 Election Advocacy Campaign centered around the people of Ontario and the current housing crisis. OHBA has come together to build a public-facing campaign to raise awareness and generate urgency behind Ontario’s severe housing shortage.

Please join us today, March 14th at 10:00 AM (EST), for an inside look into our campaign with OHBA President Bob Schickedanz, fellow colleagues and members of the public. The registration link can be found here:

Ontario can’t simply regulate our way out of a housing shortage. We can’t tax our way to housing abundance. We NEED to build MORE homes. In times like these, it’s not enough to sit on the sidelines. It’s on all of us to fix this mess.

“Ontario’s housing shortage has put an immense financial strain on individuals and families alike, pricing people out of communities they want to live in, forcing them to drive until they qualify,” says President Bob Schickedanz. “This leaves many Ontarians to make heart-breaking choices they should never have to make like deciding to put food on the table or pay the mortgage.”

OHBA members and local associations across the province are poised and ready to build the housing supply Ontario needs to ensure that our province remains the very best place to live, work and play. We call on the public to visit our campaign website and become engaged. Demand action from politicians who are going to want YOUR vote. Demand government officials to step up and cut red tape so we can work together to build the housing supply Ontario desperately needs.

We need all parties working together collectively to help solve the current housing crisis Ontario is facing and will continue to face unless meaningful and realistic supply-side solutions are on put the table. For more information on our Advocacy Campaign and how you can become involved, please visit our website at

Vote to build new neighbourhoods and communities. Vote to cut the **** and build YOUR next home.

For media requests or interviews, please contact Emma Maynard, Director of Communications, Marketing and Events – [email protected] or 416-578-5800.


CONTACT: Emma Maynard
Ontario Home Builders' Association
416-443-1545 ext 227
[email protected]

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