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Online Skin Care Business Provides Pain-Free Alternative

For many people who are looking to stay young or to improve their looks through beauty treatments, the prospect of painful needles or bruises can be a genuine barrier to receiving treatment and looking good. Finding a way of navigating beauty treatments with comfort and confidence are important to the consumer.

One online cosmetics company, Anna’s Cosmetics, is solving this problem with their most recent product, the Aquagold Fine Touch, which removes barriers of pain, bruising and swelling that are often off-putting.

“Painful needles, unattractive bruises and the downtime of such beauty treatments cause genuine problems and distress for people” said a spokesperson from Anna’s Cosmetics. “People want to look good but don’t want to look bad for a few days afterwards, and many people find needles difficult or painful, discouraging them from a procedure designed to make them look and feel better”.

The spokesperson continued, “Our new product, the Aquagold Fine Touch, solves that problem. It is a medical grade device, designed with 20 small hollow needles that are designed to allow micro-doses to enter the skin between the dermis and the epidermis. As every needle is hypoallergenic in 24 carat gold and less than the width of a human hair, the possibility of pain is reduced, as well being sensitive on the skin with reduced chances of bruising or swelling after the treatment. This means that it is particularly suitable for use on the face or around the eyes”.

“As a delivery system designed for single use, the Aquagold Fine Touch can be filled with whatever ingredients are required for the treatment and is particularly suitable for use with either hair loss treatments, or a skin care regimen designed to boost the appearance of the complexion.”

“The Aquagold Fine Touch is a medical grade device” continued the spokesperson “and with a qualified doctor on our staff with plastic and reconstructive surgery experience, customers can be assured that the product they are using will be both safe and effective for their personal use”.

With so many people looking for cosmetics products that can be tailored to their individual needs, the Aquagold Fine Touch provides the perfect delivery mechanism for a cocktail of beauty treatments personalized to the needs and requirements of the individual, for only $150 plus the cost of the treatment chemicals.

About Anna’s Cosmetics

Anna’s Cosmetics was set up by Anna herself in 2015, and still maintains the personal touch within the business. Specializing in facial dermal fillers, fat dissolving injections, body enhancing fillers, chemical peels and mesotherapy products among others, in a short space of time the business has grown a loyal and enthusiastic following among its customers for the many high-quality products that it offers online through its own website.

Media Contact
Company Name: Anna’s Cosmetics
Contact Person: Anna Mont
Email: Send Email
Phone: 626-578-5197
Address:9455 NE Alderwood Rd
City: Portland
State: Oregon 97220
Country: United States

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