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OneLife X, the German-Engineered High Performance Air Purifier, is Now Shipping to the US

The first eco-friendly air purifier is finally making its way to the US.

On an average, the typical human logs about 17,000 breaths in a day. This goes to show how important the function of the respiratory system is as breathing sustains life. In addition, people may not realize it but the air that they breathe contains millions of dangerous, harmful, and even deadly pollutants and particles.

For OneLife, they understand how crucial air quality is, which is why a team of German engineers, air quality experts, and millennial pioneers decided to develop the air purifier of tomorrow – OneLife X. And now, its benefits can be enjoyed all over the United States.

Designed to protect both humans and the planet, OneLife’s next-generation plasma filter technology eliminates 99.99% of airborne particles without the need to replace the filter, ever – revolutionary, powerful, and efficient. This is as sustainable and affordable as it gets. When compared to HEPA filters, the OneLife X is able to filter out particles that are thirty times smaller. For instance, their technology is able to filter out viruses, bacteria, pollen, wildfire smoke, ultrafine dust, mold spores, and pet dander. Not to mention that because of its no filter replacement, an estimate of 200 USD per year can be saved.

Aside from OneLife X’s top notch air purification, it also has a built-in sensor technology, which measures the quality of air in a certain place and provides real-time data of local outdoor air quality. This can be conveniently accessed through a connected smartphone.

OneLife X also boasts of a beautiful and sustainable exterior design, allowing it to fit into any space. With its wooden aesthetic that is crafted with bamboo and recycled PET-plastics, it can fit effortlessly into any modern-day home or office. It can operate either standing or laying flat and it doesn’t require that much space. It also performs virtually silently, a person may not even realize that an air purifier is working in the background.

With OneLife, air purification that is ultra-powerful, whisper quiet, and cost-efficient has been made possible. According to their team, “If you don’t have an air purifier you are the air purifier.” Because of this, their brand strongly advocates that air purification brings a couple of other benefits too. In addition to breathing clinically clean air, one can experience improved quality of sleep, enhanced focus and productivity, and more energy.

While OneLife is a German brand, their headquarters is located in San Francisco, California. Shop the OneLife X now by visiting their US store at

About Inc. Inc. is an air purifier brand created by a team of German engineers, air quality experts, and millennial pioneers to make the world a healthier place. It carries OneLife X, the first eco-friendly air purifier. Their main headquarters is in San Francisco, California.

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