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Omita unveils the world’s first YouTube Play Game, “YouTube Ice Cream Shop Game”

The first-ever YouTube play game, released on November 6th, allows players to become ice cream shop employees and serve customers, attempting not to drop the ice cream.

Leading YouTuber Omita is making history in YouTube after unveiling the world’s first-ever YouTube Play Game, “YouTube Ice Cream Shop Game,” on November 6th.

In the fun content of this game, the player can become an ice cream shop employee and serve customers, trying not to drop the ice cream. 

Since its release, “YouTube Ice Cream Shop Game” has become a top subject of news worldwide. The innovative game allows users to play in a completely virtual world.

The appearance of the game is quite fashionable. Stylish, adorable men and women serve ice cream, occasionally dropping it, carrying drinks on silver tableware, and sitting in chairs for rest while attending customers. They look comical and lovely.


As the game level goes up, the shop gets more hectic, and the crew accelerates the speed of carrying ice cream to the clients, their jobs adding to the difficulty. Because the game unfurls on YouTube, players can enjoy “YouTube Ice Cream Shop Game” in a safe and secure environment. 

The world’s first YouTube Play Game has turned into a passionate topic of news and other media worldwide, gaining popularity because it makes users feel like a male and female clerk working at an ice cream shop. 

The YouTube game has earned more than 27,000 views from users all over the world since its introduction on November 6th. Omita currently has about 3,000 followers on the top online video sharing and social media platform, and “YouTube Ice Cream Shop Game” is out to cement his name in YouTube and the gaming world. 

Those who want to start playing “YouTube Ice Cream Shop Game” or learn more about Omita and his amazing content may visit his YouTube channel for more information.

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