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Omekwa Organics to Launch Membership Community, Omekwa Oasis, on Valentine’s Day 2022

An exclusive membership community for all body, mind, and spiritual needs.

When it comes to skincare, health, and wellness, many people find themselves consuming far too many products that they don’t even know how to use and do not produce any real results. Seeing how frustrating and costly this can be, Omekwa Organics decided to launch an exclusive membership community on Valentine’s Day 2022 called Omekwa Oasis.

“Being healthy is more complicated than it has to be – we’re fixing that. Omekwa Oasis’ services extend past physical improvement to mental and spiritual abundance,” says Anngelica-Marie Eshesimua, Founder of Omekwa Organics.

Committed to taking the guesswork out of holistic wellness, Omekwa Oasis is a membership community that gives members access to personalized, one-on-one herbalist guidance, community events, and wellness workshops hosted by women in the health and wellness space.

Omekwa Oasis members will be matched with Oasis Guides specializing in herbalism, yoni health, skin care, and more. And member Curtis C. has nothing but good things to say about their herbalists. “Sydney did her research and only recommended products she trusted. Not only did I enjoy taking those, they were actually working… and I could physically see the difference.”

Members will also be given recommendations for one of their specialized herbal tinctures called Nectars. These proprietary herbal tinctures for sleep (Leisure Nectar), energy (Boss Nectar), inflammation (Protected Nectar), and women’s hormonal balance (Divine Nectar) will also be released along with the launch of Omekwa Oasis.

Aside from Omekwa Oasis, customers can also enjoy Omekwa Organics’ teas, aromatherapy, and skincare products. They have luxurious herbal teas for effortless self care, convenient aromatherapeutic roll-ons for energy, stress relief, and immunity on the go, as well as natural aromatherapeutic skincare to transform the skin and lift one’s spirit.

More information about Omekwa Organics can be found at

About Omekwa Organics

Omekwa Organics is a black-owned health and wellness brand that offers all natural aromatherapeutic skincare, herbal teas, and aromatherapy to help you glow up in body, mind, and spirit.

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