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Olive Celebrates Their First Anniversary as Heavy Hitters Align With Their Impressive Growth

WALNUT CREEK, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 25, 2021 / Who said a convenient pivot toward a customer-centric vehicle maintenance warranty program secured and managed all online wouldn't take off like a rocket. Enter Olive. They're the newbie company that's redefined keeping cars running like a top with no heartache. Launched just one year ago, the company celebrates its first anniversary with a bevy of boons that have secured their place in the industry. It turns out customers and partnering companies alike favor Olive's plan for every budget, no annual mileage restrictions, and the ability to lock in insurance rates for three years. To prove it here's their very successful year in review.

Launched in April of 2020, Olive is the first platform of its kind in the InsurTech space. The new bright face of a once antiquated industry, customers can now get a quote online within seconds, customize their program, and purchase it without speaking with a salesperson. No robocalls and no hassle to get end-to-end mechanical breakdown coverage and vehicle service contracts.

This great new idea paved the way in May for integral partnerships with QBE and PayLink Direct. QBE offers Olive customers insurance and claims services, while the large payment plan provider PayLink Direct facilitates the financial side. With those partnerships, online signups increased 15% from May to June. Deciding to pay their newfound success forward, Olive created a scholarship in December to help college students majoring in technology, automotive technology, or computer science.

The company's generosity paid off while ringing in the new year as January 2021 saw a phenomenal bump in recognition. Impressively, Olive created a partnership with the Anaheim Ducks and the National Hockey League. Olive became the Official Mechanical Breakdown Coverage Provider of the Anaheim Ducks and the Honda Center with a multi-year agreement.

Furthering their expansive mindset during the year's first quarter, Olive announced a sizable increase in sales of extended warranties for Toyota vehicles. Thereby seeing the need for an essential leap toward more growth, the company expanded its coverage to service customers across the USA in March. It now provides mechanical breakdown and extended auto warranty solutions in all fifty states. With the early expansion, Olive answers the trend. Studies show that more Americans choose to keep their cars longer and have longer payment terms. To that end, the site's mechanical breakdown products are on point to protect lubricated parts of engines and transmissions, AC systems, electrical components, and instrument clusters.

Finally, to celebrate their first anniversary with a slam dunk, in May, it was widely reported by AdWeek that the Harmon Brothers agency, makers of the now-iconic ads for Squatty Potty and Poopourri, created an equally entertaining "Jerk Car" ad for the company. Welcome to the big time, Olive.

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About Olive®:
Owned by Repair Ventures, LLC, Olive® is based in Walnut Creek, California. The company's products, customer service, and reputation have earned it an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as well as partnerships with some of the largest companies in the financial and insurance industries.

Dan Stratford
Senior Director of Digital Strategy
(925) 412-3141

1981 N. Broadway Suite 210A
Walnut Creek, CA, 94596


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For more information about Olive, contact the company here:

Dan Stratford
(925) 412-3141
1981 N. Broadway Suite 210A
Walnut Creek, CA, 94596


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