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Olena Chernovolova as Chairman of the Board: UATECH LIMITED Announces

Cyprus, Larnaca, 14 November 2022 – UATECH LIMITED is a leading investment company that both help founders launch their companies or invest in existing companies by helping them scale. UATECH is focusing only on the IT industry. 

Ms. Chernovolova was the founder of this company, and as it grew corporate governance among the company was decided to be implemented in order to make more careful investment decisions. Olena Chernovolova, a lawyer and notary from Ukraine, founded the technology holding company UATECH LIMITED. 

The company focuses on creating IT projects and investing in the sector. In this regard, Olena was appointed chairman of the board of directors, which for the most part performs an investment committee function within the company. In 7 years, the company has achieved significant growth and success. If you’re curious about how Olena Chernovolova – the founder of UATECH LIMITED – accomplished this, Startup Fortune published a recent article that goes into detail

In the future, Olena Chernovolova will continue to implement her company philosophy, which is based on the following statements: UATECH LIMITED works without fakes and we don’t focus on social media likes. We enjoy our work more when we’re honest and transparent with each other, and we don’t mislead others for the sake of profit. We would rather create a positive impact on people’s lives than just turn a profit. So that our team can be cohesive and sustainable, we focus on creating business models that will last in an ever-changing landscape. 

As a co-founder, UATECH LIMITED only enters 1-2 companies annually to actively participate in projects. With an expansive area of expertise that covers financing and legal support to human resources and recruiting, as well as digital marketing and traffic acquisition, the company is looking to continue pushing forward this year despite any potential stagnation in financial markets. According to Olena’s comments, now is the best time invest – something that apparently happens once every 10 years.

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