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Notion Improves Campaign Optimization Using Voyantis’ Predictive Platform

Notion is a fast-growing company that promotes the growth of young companies by increasing team productivity. Collaboration across applications is difficult due to a lack of integration capabilities between applications. Notion has developed innovative approaches to help with collaborative document creation challenging the established productivity app providers in the world. The goal of the company is to address the limitations of traditional work processes while improving user experience through automation and integration with existing workflows.

Notion, a San Francisco-based SaaS startup founded in 2013, provides a collaboration tool that integrates all workspace applications into a single interactive page, automating and streamlining work processes. Notion, for example, allows users to embed Word documents or Google spreadsheets. With over 20 million active users worldwide, this startup is leading the charge by offering its own takes on modern “all-in-one” workspace apps via tiered subscription plans ranging from freemium to enterprise.

As it promises new approaches to document creation, the company is also addressing various pain points experienced by marketing teams when optimizing their campaigns. With the assistance of Voyantis, the all-in-one workspace application software is addressing the challenge faced by many fast-growing companies when it comes to ad campaigns. The goal is to convert users into paying customers with higher LTV and lower costs.

Most of the companies focus on top funnel activities as a conversion tactic and use proxy metrics to understand the actual magnitude of campaigning impact. However, determining the exact impact of each marketing campaign on any channel appears to be difficult because the vast majority of users convert to paying customers after a period of time that is longer than the ad network’s native conversion window. This results in slow user acquisition growth and unnecessary expense. Further, if the conversion funnel is long even with a freemium option, conversion to paying customers can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Notion, as a remedy to these challenges, is focused on helping marketers distribute their marketing capital more effectively by achieving a competitive cost-per-team on their Google Ads search campaigns.

With the assistance of Voyantis, a predictive growth platform, Notion was able to optimize its Google Ads search campaigns toward the predicted value of its customers, resulting in a reduction in the cost-per-activated team (CAC) and a significant increase in ad spend ROAS. Notion increased its team activation rate (2+ active users from the same team) by 21% after implementing Voyantis’ Signal Optimization solution to attract new customers with the highest likelihood of yielding high LTV.

The platform used user-level LTV predictive models and signal optimization. To forecast which users would eventually convert to paying customers and yield high LTV, Notion’s marketing team collaborated with Voyantis to develop a team-level prediction model that forecasts each team’s lifetime value within 180 days. The model’s output value was then sent to Google Ads as a signal (a synthetic conversion event), reflecting the predicted LTV rather than the traditional actual value. The predicted values were then used to optimize search campaigns in a value-based bidding strategy (tROAS), resulting in lower customer activation costs and higher LTV. As stated in a recent case study, when compared to a standard campaign optimizing for team signups, Voyantis’ signal resulted in a 21% improvement in the team activation rate, a 32% reduction in cost per activated team, a 38% increase in predicted 6-month ROAS and a 35% increase in acquisition of teams with 3+ users.

Below is a review shared by a customer about Voyantis’ signal optimization:

It wasn’t just easy to work with Voyantis’ signal optimization solution, it generated great results too. We saw a 21% increase in team activation rate and a 38% predicted 6-month increase in ROAS. Here at Notion we’re excited to continue our partnership with Voyantis as we expand our growth strategy.”

Voyantis enabled Notion to optimize its Google Ads search campaigns in real-time, increasing ROAS and user acquisition. Furthermore, the company enabled the global SaaS company to successfully implement value-based bidding, which highlights how Voyantis could help global companies in managing their marketing budgets better amid the looming risk of a recession.

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