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Northwestern Hair Restoration Partners With Salon DJ

IL based Northwestern Hair Restoration is pleased to announce that they have partnered with Salon DJ to bring hair loss treatments to salons in Chicago. Clients will now be able to find treatments like Rogaine®, Propecia® and Laser Caps at their local hair salons. To help Chicago residents avoid hair loss, Northwestern trains stylists to recognize the early signs of this condition, which is when it is easiest to treat. They have also created an app that can be used by stylists to scan a client’s hair and then send it to a doctor so the client can get a medical consultation during their haircut.

“We’re doctors who are committed to making hair replacement more natural and discrete,” says Northwestern Hair Restoration. “Our dedication to more natural and discrete hair restoration is unmatched, but most clients say it’s working one-on-one with doctors that sets us apart. With over 20 years of experience and diagnostic tools to plan for future hair loss, we design procedures that look great forever. New technologies like SmartGraft make follicular unit extraction (FUE) both better and less costly to perform. We’re passing along the savings, dropping FUE from $9/graft to $6/graft. We only treat one patient a day. Whether you want a full head of head or just a touch up, we can deliver better results without distractions. Owned and operated by doctors, we invest in medical experts and the latest in FUE technology — not marketing and sales — to deliver amazing results. ”

The company’s team of hair loss experts is made up of individuals with many years’ worth of experience in all kinds of hair related treatments. Clark Schierle is one of the main reasons why the company is now at the forefront of follicular unit extraction and hair restoration. He is the founder of the company, and he is the one who directs their vision to this day. Much of the company’s progress is credited to his leadership. Dr. Vinay Rawlani leads Northwestern’s clinical practice and research efforts and is a huge proponent of the natural and discrete hair replacement techniques they are famous for.

The third member of the team is Dr. Neil Fine, one of the pioneers of awake surgery in the field of plastic surgery. His vast experience, while not personally applied with patients, ensures that Northwestern’s procedures are as safe and painless as possible. The fourth and final member of the team is Dr. Ramirez, a technician with over 20 years of experience. Ramirez trained physicians across the country for a decade, after which she obtained a doctorate of science, and this makes her one of the most accomplished trichologists in hair restoration.

By scanning a QR code and sending in pictures, anyone can get a detailed assessment from experienced, knowledgeable physicians who will call as soon as they can to discuss the client’s hair and what can be done to stop their hair loss (and replace what has already been lost). A client can also visit the team in person, and directions to Northwestern Hair Restoration can be found on Google Maps along with 5-Star reviews of the hair restoration services they provide.

A review from one client states, “I went to Northwestern Hair for my hair transplant and was very impressed. The entire process, from scheduling my consultation to my follow up visit, was much smoother than I expected. Dr. Rawlani was excellent. He was very accessible, knowledgeable and down-to-earth. It was clear from my other consultations that Northwestern Hair was the most competent hair transplant team in the city. I could not be any happier with my results. I look very natural. I’ve shown my results to a lot of people, including a few hair transplant surgeons. No one could tell.”

Customers may get in touch with the team through their website for reliable hair loss assessment and replacement services that are guaranteed to produce natural looking and long lasting results. Northwestern has helped many people reverse the hair loss process, and they are always looking to do so for anyone in need of such services. Interested parties are also welcome to follow their Instagram for regular updates on their work.


For more information about NORTHWESTERN HAIR RESTORATION, contact the company here:

Dr. Vinay Rawlani
[email protected]
676 N. ST CLAIR, SUITE 1575

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