Wichita Tree Service Pros Introduces Innovative Solutions for Stormwater Management and Erosion Control

Published March 1, 2023

Wichita, KSWichita Tree Service Pros is proud to announce the launch of their new service offering tree-based solutions for stormwater management and erosion control. The company provides a range of services designed to mitigate the impact of storms on properties and landscapes in the area while protecting against soil erosion.

Wichita Tree Service Pros uses various services to help manage stormwater and erosion, including installing rain gardens, tree plantings, soil enhancements, and other site-specific solutions.

Certified Wichita Tree Service Experts

Rain gardens are engineered depressions that capture, filter, and store runoff from storms while providing wildlife habitat. Trees planted on slopes slow runoff while their roots hold soil in place. Soil amendments help prevent erosion by improving drainage and introducing plant-available nutrients into the soil. Each method is designed to reduce the amount of water entering storm drains and help protect against property damage caused by flooding and erosion.

In addition to mitigating stormwater and erosion issues, Wichita Tree Service Pros are dedicated to preserving the local environment through their services. Natural solutions such as trees and soil enhancements effectively create green spaces that serve multiple purposes. Not only do these projects absorb moisture during storms for better control with less runoff, but they also provide additional benefits. For example, these benefits include improved air quality thanks to the carbon dioxide absorption by trees, increased biodiversity through the introduction of native plants for wildlife, and aesthetic improvements with greenery, among many other benefits.

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"At Wichita Tree Service Pros, our mission is to help property owners enhance and protect their land with innovative and environmentally friendly solutions," said Nelson Qualls, CEO of Wichita Tree Service Pros. "Our team has extensive experience in stormwater management, and we are thrilled to expand our services to include tree-based solutions for erosion control and stormwater management. We aim to provide an effective and cost-efficient way to mitigate stormwater runoff and reduce long-term damage to local landscapes."

The company will work with clients to assess their needs and customize a plan that integrates trees into their landscape design. Then, the company's experienced crew will install the necessary trees according to the customized plan.

"Our team is highly trained and experienced in landscape design," said Qualls. "Moreover, we know how important it is for property owners to have reliable strategies to manage the risks associated with stormwater runoff and soil erosion. That's why we offer comprehensive solutions that give clients peace of mind knowing their properties are well-protected."

In addition to offering tree-based solutions, Wichita Tree Service Pros also provides services that help maintain healthy trees and landscaping on properties throughout the area. These services include trimming, pruning, fertilization, disease control, pest control, and more.

"We are excited to bring this new service to our clients in the Wichita area," said Qualls. "We believe this is an important step toward providing complete tree care solutions for all types of properties. We look forward to helping our clients create beautiful and sustainable outdoor spaces that will last years."


Wichita Tree Service Pros is a full-service tree care company serving Wichita and the surrounding areas. The company's base of operation sits at 7227 W Harry St, Wichita, KS 67209, United States. Homeowners can contact the company by dialing 316-799-3555 or emailing sales@treeserviceswichita.com.


For more information about Wichita Tree Service Pros, contact the company here:

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