What will Happen to Your Body If You Ride HiPEAK Fat Tire E-bike for 1 Hour Every Day?

Published March 29, 2023

(PRUnderground) March 29th, 2023

Nowadays, the pace of life is fast and the pressure of life is great, so it is very necessary to have a healthy body. But how can we maintain a healthy lifestyle? This is not a simple question. Most people know that health should be a top priority, which includes developing various fitness plans and changing their lifestyle. Without long-term persistence and correct methods, this is difficult to achieve. But I believe that people can change, and on the road to becoming healthier, sticking to exercise is something that you can never give up.

With so many sports to choose from, which one should we choose? I think most people already have their favorite sports hobbies, but today I still want to share with you a new and more popular exercise: riding the HiPeak Fat Tire Electric Bike! Please note that this is an electric bike, not a traditional bike!

As a new type of transportation, the HiPeak Folding Electric Bike can not only be used for commuting to and from work, but also can improve your health. So, what changes will happen to our body if we ride the HiPeak Fat Tire Electric Bike for one hour every day?

Riding e-bikes is a low-impact to exercise

We know that compared to high-intensity running and more intense forms of exercise, cycling is more beneficial for your joint and bone health – and electric bikes are no exception. In fact, for those who are concerned about joint pain and long-term knee injuries, electric bikes are a safer option. At any time you feel the need to reduce your physical effort, you can always choose the pedal assist mode to make your journey easier.

HiPEAK provides a consistent training during your daily commute

We’ve all been in that situation – one minute you’re motivated to go to the gym and sign up for a year’s membership, and then two weeks later your motivation dwindles and the gym membership does nothing for you except take your money.

The most effective way to exercise is to do it consistently and continuously, so what could be better than exercising while commuting to work every day? The HiPeak folding electric bike is the perfect answer – with the assist pedal mode, you don’t have to focus all your attention on cycling, but you still get to exercise your body while commuting to work every day, and doing it consistently without overworking your body.

How many calories can be burned by riding HiPEAK for one hour each day?

Many people choose to do exercise to burn calories. In fact, you can shorten the duration of anaerobic exercise and instead engage in aerobic exercise such as riding an electric bike to expel excess calories in a healthier way. Adding electric bike exercise into your daily routine will allow you to spend less time on high-intensity interval training (HIIT) while still achieving the same calorie burn.

Aerobic exercise helps your body burn fat: whether you are riding on a flat road or uphill, people who regularly ride the HiPeak electric bike will consume some calories every day. According to Dr. Edward Coyle, riding an electric bike at a moderate speed of 15 mph for an hour is estimated to burn 465 calories. It takes one liter of oxygen to burn 5 calories, and exercise often increases the demand for oxygen, ultimately leading to increased calorie consumption. Riding in fresh air can perfectly meet this oxygen demand.

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), aerobic exercises such as cycling are beneficial for your overall health, especially when combined with HIIT training. It recommends vigorous cycling for 75 minutes per week, or at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity electric bike riding if not possible. It doesn’t have to be done on the same day but spread out over a week.

Always remember to stay hydrated while cycling to get the maximum benefit from it. Sweating can disrupt electrolyte balance, so you need to replenish them at the same time. It is best to have a bottle of water or sports drink at hand while cycling, and also eat foods rich in lean protein, which will burn more calories and improve your muscle quality.

HiPEAK can help you recover from intense workouts

For those who take sports and exercise seriously, leisurely riding a fat-tire e-bike is a great way to actively recover from high-intensity workouts. The electric assist can elevate your body to a new level, as using the assistance mode can further reduce the intensity of your workout, with the specific level of assistance depending on the intensity of your other training.

Pedal-assisted e-bikes can be a form of resistance training

People who have participated in long cycling or spinning classes can tell you that keeping your butt on the saddle will make your legs burn and enhance muscular endurance, just like leg training in the gym.

If you are looking for a form of resistance training for your lower body, just take a look at your electric bike – using a low assistance mode that suits you to determine how much you want your glutes and quadriceps to engage. For example, HiPeak’s folding electric bike has a 7-level pedal assistance mode, and choosing a low level or simply not using the assistance mode can make your legs spin like a “windmill”.

Riding e-bikes helps with chronic disease management

There are many causes of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, and medicine is still under constant research. However, one thing is certain: riding an electric bike can increase physical activity. Undoubtedly, riding an electric bike can play a role in controlling the risk of certain health conditions when you are affected by them.

“For those for whom physical activity is important for improving health but may be impacted by clinical conditions, e-bikes are a good option,” said Cooper. Cooper is a professor at the New York Medical College and has conducted research on type 2 diabetes. He said, “E-bikes are considered a pleasurable form of physical activity and can aid in self-management of type 2 diabetes. They can support type 2 diabetes patients in reducing medication intake and therefore cultivate greater autonomy in managing their condition.”

Riding e-bikes improves the quality of sleep

Sleep is crucial for our physical and mental recovery. Even on days when we haven’t done much, we need to “shut down the body” and get high-quality sleep to be energized for the next day’s activities. By riding an electric bike for stable exercise, we can restore our energy. In addition, the low-intensity exercise of an electric bike can make our body and mind to get better sleep quality when it’s time to rest (high-intensity training can make people excited and hinder sleep).

What happens to my body if I ride the HiPEAK fat tire electric bike for one hour every day

When cycling, your entire body will benefit from the exercise, particularly the lower body, abdomen, and heart muscles. Whether you’re cycling uphill or pedaling fast on flat roads, you’ll get a good workout that can shape your body, make you feel lighter, and improve your physical condition to keep your body healthy and strong. It can also help to alleviate mental stress and anxiety issues. Perhaps you’ve experienced a decline in physical fitness due to sitting for long periods in the office every day, or maybe you’re too frail and elderly to make it to the gym each day. By consistently riding a HiPeak fat-tire folding electric bike every day, you can exercise your body muscles. However, excessive cycling may lead to muscle strain. Calculate your electric bike riding time to get the maximum health benefits for your body.


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