What Is Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Published April 21, 2023

Precision sheet metal fabrication is a manufacturing procedure that entails cutting and shaping sheet metals with high accuracy to make a finished product. The process is used to make different tools and equipment for many industries, including medical, automation, and telecommunication. Vasucc uses different sheet metal materials to make high-precision products.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Techniques

Precision sheet metal fabrication is a process that involves several stages to come up with different tools. It involves cutting, punching, stamping, welding, riveting, and adding finishes to finished tools.

The procedure entails different equipment and techniques that enable manufacturers to develop standard and customized products that match customer specifications. Vasucc involves the following functions in precision sheet metal fabrication.

  • Cutting: this step involves cutting metal sheets into various sizes. Vasuuc uses CNC laser cutting at this stage. It is the best method for industrial manufacturing. It provides superior accuracy and cuts sheets of metal faster.
  • Stamping: this process turns metal sheets into different shapes. Equipment uses pressure to transform metal sheet shapes according to what is being made. Stamping also involves flanging.
  •  Bending: Here, metal sheets are bent using rolling machinery, press brakes, and other tools. Vasucc has experienced technicians that know how to bend metal sheets using different equipment to attain and maintain the required shapes.
  • Punching: This is where experts make holes in metal sheets using a punch and die. The die collects the scrap metal made after the punching process.
  • Welding: This stage involves attaching pieces of metal in a port. Manufacturers utilize different methods at this stage, such as MIG and TIG, and VASUCC Sheet Metal uses MIG, laser, and MAG.  

Vasucc also does grinding, riveting, and powder-coating during the fabrication process to make different products. Technicians use steel, aluminum, and copper sheets to make solutions for various industries. The company also allows special requests to meet the needs of more customers.

Industries That Benefit from Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

Various professions require tools made from precision sheet metal fabrication. Vasucc specializes in this area, providing high-quality, more affordable products. Industries that benefit from sheet metal fabrication include the following.

  • Medical: The medical practice requires different tools, and some are made from sheet metal fabrication. They entail surgical tools, custom beds, sterilization cases, and carts.
  • 3D Printing: 3D printing systems are made using metal parts from sheet fabrication. A well-made printer ensures a seamless printing process.
  • Telecommunication: Some of the machines and equipment used in telecommunication are made from sheet metal fabrication, including satellites.
  • Logistics: Sheet metal fabrication makes products like tray supports, warehouse tools, and display brackets, and these are helpful in the logistics sector.
  • Media: Some structures used in the media industry rely on sheet metal fabrication processes. Vasucc makes quality equipment to ensure safety and efficiency in the media environment.

Precision sheet metal fabrication serves many other sectors, including electronics, new energy, and automation. The market has many companies offering products made from sheet metal fabrication. Choosing the best manufacturers ensures you get high-quality items that perform efficiently, are durable, and ensure safety. 

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