What are the leading causes of traffic fatalities in the United States?

Published March 20, 2023

Accidents involving large trucks and tractor-trailers are one of the leading causes of traffic fatalities in the United States. A typical large commercial truck can weigh up to 30 times the weight of a passenger car. Because of the size difference, any collision between a truck and a passenger vehicle is likely to be disastrous. As a result, trucks are subject to special traffic laws and regulations to reduce the risk to the public. We can uncover violations of trucking regulations to assist victims in winning their cases.

Another reason for the high fatalities in truck accidents is that truck drivers typically work long hours and are under pressure to meet stringent deadlines. Driver fatigue and exhaustion can severely impair judgment, resulting in catastrophic accidents with commercial vehicles.

Trucking companies and insurers frequently conduct their own "analysis" of the accident, designed to disadvantage victims. It is critical to retain an attorney who can perform a thorough investigation to demonstrate the trucker's liability for the accident.

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