What Are The Benefits of Hiring a Certified Personal Trainer: Dr. Lauren Schnidman from In Motion Physical Therapy

Published March 5, 2023

Dr. Lauren Schnidman of In Motion Physical Therapy published a blog post detailing why people should consider hiring a personal trainer. According to the experienced and certified doctor (Dr. Schnidman), one of the most significant reasons is that a trainer can ensure proper form when exercising. Even the most seasoned professionals rely on personal trainers to ensure that their form is good when performing exercises, as the slightest mistake could mean that they injure themselves.

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Having a personal trainer can help people achieve their fitness goals more efficiently and effectively. According to Dr. Schnidman, personal trainers have the expertise and knowledge to create personalized workout plans tailored to an individual's specific needs and fitness level. The approach is much better than following cookie-cutter plans in books and videos, which may only be effective for some.

Personal trainers also provide accountability and motivation, which can be crucial in maintaining consistency and staying on track with one's fitness routine. According to the article working with a personal trainer can also help boost mental health as it gives those working out an opportunity to socialize and learn new things which aren’t necessarily exercise-related.

In recent years, personal trainers have become increasingly popular in America. Many individuals recognize the benefits of having a personal trainer and seek their services to achieve their fitness goals. However, it is essential for individuals to find and hire only certified fitness or personal trainers. Professional trainers can provide personalized and effective fitness guidance and support.

Readers can learn more about In Motion Physical Therapy and read Dr. Lauren Schnidman’s article in its entirety by visiting: https://inmotionptchi.com/5-benefits-of-hiring-a-certified-personal-trainer

“While many people may choose to exercise on their own or with a friend, what they don’t realize is that working with a fitness trainer is a lot more effective. Not only does it help boost your workout efficiency and help you reach your goals sooner, but a personal trainer can hold you accountable. They won't let you quit but also understand how much to push you. Then there is also the fact that you always need a third person to ensure you use good form when exercising.” Said one of the representatives for In Motion Physical Therapy.

She added, “The article, authored by Dr. Lauren Schnidman, is meant to help people who want to get fit, perhaps choose a personal trainer to help them on their journey. There is no reason to go on a fitness journey alone or even maintain your fitness by working out solo when you can enhance the experience and get more out of your workout with a personal trainer by your side helping you along.”

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