Web Design Agencies: Get Your Clients Published on Google News with BrandPublished.com's Press Release Reseller Program

Published February 3, 2023

- 02-03-2023 (Brand Published) -

Boost your clients' online presence and increase your profits with the launch of the PR reseller program from BrandPublished.com. As an agency, you can offer your clients the opportunity to publish PR articles on Google News via Digital Journal, a Google News approved news site.

Google News is a highly respected platform used by millions globally and known for delivering reliable and relevant news from various sources. By publishing PR articles on this platform, agencies and their clients can increase their online presence and establish credibility.

With three cost-effective pricing options, the PR reseller program from Brand Published is designed to meet the individual needs and budget of every client. And as an agency, offering this service as an add-on provides a profitable upsell opportunity.

Single PR Article: 1 article for $49

Reseller Pricing:     
20 articles for $400 ($20 per article)     
50 articles for $900 ($18 per article)

Subscribe & Save:     
Monthly: 20 articles for $200 per month ($10 per article)     
Quarterly: 45 articles for $450 per quarter ($10 per article)     
Annually: 100 articles for $1000 per year ($10 per article)

Agencies have the chance to enhance their offerings and generate additional revenue with the PR reseller program from Brand Published. By offering this program as an add-on, agencies can provide their clients with an affordable way to reach a wider audience and improve their online visibility through publishing PR articles on Google News. The per-article cost of $10 with a subscription makes it a valuable service for clients while providing a substantial profit margin for the agency.

Brand Published offers a comprehensive solution for agencies looking to provide this valuable service with its PR reseller program. Learn more about this opportunity and take the first step by visiting the PR Reseller Program page at https://www.brandpublished.com/resellpr.

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