SZWireDie Unveils Long-Lasting Natural Diamond Wire Drawing Dies For Achieving High-Performance

Published April 2, 2024

SZWireDie, the leading supplier of long-lasting wire drawing dies and wire die polishing machines for wire, cable, and tube applications in China, is proud to announce its commitment to providing the highest quality product with the shortest lead times to customers around the world.

With a focus on becoming a global supplier of wire drawing dies, which includes Nano dies, PCD dies, diamond dies, enamelling dies, compacting a stranding dies, SZWireDie stands out in the wire and cable industry with its dies and tools of the finest quality. These features enable industries to benefit from high-quality tungsten wire, bonding wire, stainless steel wore, copper wire, and wire drawn from precious metals.

An acclaimed supplier of best-quality wire drawing dies, SZWireDie aims to establish a permanent stand for the company. They consistently collaborate with the Engineering Research Centre for more research and tests to improve the quality of wire drawing dies, nano drawing dies, and more. With a passion for innovation, SZWireDie strives to exceed customer expectations with customized nano wire drawing die, and wire dies polishing machines for hundred percent customer satisfaction.

Headquartered in Shanghai, SZWireDie operates a dedicated facility in Eastern China and exports its products to many countries across the globe. With good years of experience in the industry, SZWireDie is committed to providing consistent quality, application expertise, performance value, and supply chain efficiency to all customers who want to compete in the global market.

SZWireDie nano dies, and wire dies polishing machines have widespread applications in the wire, cable, and tube industries, including medical wire, automotive wire, welding, and superconducting wire, etc. Their natural monocrystalline diamond dies are a trusted choice of many customers due to their excellent recutability, lowest die pull and friction, best surface finish of any die material, extremely high hardness, and wear resistance.

"We are dedicated to expanding our operations tenfold and building strong business networks and a massive global presence," says the Founder of SZWireDie. "Each product we deliver is fully customized to fulfill client requirements. We provide a safe working environment for our staff along with high-performance natural diamond wire dies, which sets us apart from the competition."

SZWireDie’s commitment to excellence in nano diamond coated dies and wire polishing machine, makes it the leading wire drawing dies and wire polishing machine partner in China. The experienced team of professionals working for the company ensures its ND wire drawing products can achieve high wire drawing performance and low power consumption due to low friction. Achieving the highest production efficiency with less downtown is now a possibility with the longest die life of any material.

“Our ND dies are used in fine and ultrafine wire drawing or as finish-dies when wire surface quality is critical. Products are available in large-size wires and ultra-wires. ND drawing dies also make an ideal choice for highly abrasive wire materials,” finishes the Founder.

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