How Short Videos Are Making a Big Impact on Corporate Communication

Published April 16, 2024

A corporate video production is a powerful tool for communicating with both internal and external stakeholders. It is a potent weapon that may be utilized more successfully than text or graphics to promote a company and raise its brand recognition among the target audience.

In the current digital era, corporate communication is evolving quickly. Short videos have become a potent instrument for successful communication as corporate companies look to connect and interact with their audiences on a deeper level. Corporate video Atlanta has the power to graphically communicate ideas, evoke feelings, and grab viewers' attention. In this blog, I will discuss the significant influence that corporate video Atlanta can have on increasing success and engagement.

Why corporate video production Atlanta is becoming necessary?

Corporate communications may be, let's face it, as interesting as watching paint dry. Even the most committed employee's eyes can glaze over when they see documents that are heavy on text, simple emails that contain plenty of figures, and boring press releases. It's not necessary, though. This is where corporate video production company Atlanta content shines. Any plan for corporate communication must include multimedia like short videos.

Whether it's on social media, corporate websites, or internal channels, using short videos in your corporate communications can turn your annual report, company updates, or CSR initiative into an interesting and captivating story and boost the possibility that your target audience will watch it.

Companies should effectively communicate and engage with their audience in the fast-paced digital ecosystem of today. A corporate video production company has emerged as a key component of public relations tactics due to its ability to draw in viewers, arouse strong feelings, and leave a lasting effect. Video helps corporate communicate great tales, build their brand, and establish deep connections because it is dynamic and entertaining.

Nothing is more important than a flawlessly made corporate video to convey message when company has to communicate effectively, whether it be to the general public, internally, or both.

There are several reasons why corporate videos are produced. They can be made for external audiences like customers or possible investors, but many bigger firms utilize them for internal uses like marketing, training, and product demos. Smaller businesses usually utilize corporate videos to provide their special narrative or to explain how having their headquarters in Atlanta benefits both their operations and workforce.

Reasons why short videos are good for corporate

1. Attention-Grabbing:

Corporate videos Atlanta are an excellent method of drawing in viewers. Because social media platforms are overflowing with material, short videos offer a means of standing out from the crowd. You can rapidly grab and hold the attention of your viewers by making visually beautiful and entertaining short videos.

2. Shareable:

Short videos are a great format for social media since they are very shareable. Short videos are ideal for sharing material that others find fascinating or entertaining, as people love to do. Making shareable short videos will help to reach a wider audience and even get viral popularity.

3. Easy to Consume:

Even on mobile devices, short videos are easy to watch. Because consumers have limited attention spans, short video clips offer an effective and rapid means of communicating a message. They are therefore perfect for social media sites like Instagram where users are rapidly browsing through their feeds.

4. Cost-Effective:

An affordable marketing strategy is a short video. They are a great choice for small firms or those with tight marketing budgets since they can be made fast and with few resources. This makes it possible for companies to produce excellent content without going over budget.

5. Better Engagement:

Compared to larger movies, short videos frequently have better engagement rates. Videos that last less than 15 seconds on social media sites like Instagram have the best interaction rates. Because of this, creating short corporate videos Atlanta is a powerful method to engage your audience and increase brand recognition.

The key steps to a successful corporate video production Atlanta

The four processes that are involved in making a chic, captivating corporate video are:

Step 1: Outline your main goals.

Step 2: Write the storyline and storyboard.

Step 3: Lights, camera, action!

Step 4: Do post-production edits of the video.

What makes an effective storyboard for a corporate video?

Nothing is worse than a short video that contains complex terminology and is misinterpreted by the target audience. So, use plain, uncomplicated language instead of complex language. Try using words that communicate to the wider public while still connecting with the particular goals of the company.

Create a graphic breakdown of each scenario in your corporate short video so you can see it clearly and that's where storyboard, the graphic adaptation of writing, comes in.The goal is to imagine the key elements of the corporate short video, such as the opening, the storyline, the morals that are pointed out through it, the specifics of the message that set it apart, and a powerful ending that summarizes the entire message.

A good storyboard needs to consist of:

  • A synopsis of every scene, shot by shot...
  • The kind of shot (close-up shot, overview shot, etc.)
  • A few basic drawings will help with the visualization of each scene.


In the current digital era, short videos are not only a useful tool for entertainment but also a crucial component of corporate success. You can raise brand recognition, encourage creativity, and improve staff engagement with short videos in your corporate communications strategy including having a little fun in the process. Additionally, you can easily include short videos into every element of your communication and significantly improve your corporate messaging by using social platforms.

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