Saved by Music: Artist Belle Vex’s journey

Published July 1, 2024

Growing up in New Bedford MA, Barry C. Fernandes always dreamt of a career in lights. Initially captivated by the allure and world of acting, he immersed himself in the arts from a young age, exploring the depths of creativity and opportunities in tv and film. However unbeknown to the man who would soon become known as “Belle Vex”,  the universe had other plans for him…

When a move to California in pursuit of an acting career was abruptly paused and disrupted by a life-altering car accident, it ultimately changed his life forever. Suffering nerve damage, unstable back and legs and having to undertake a ton of physical therapy and rehabilitation, it’s music that Belle Vex contributes to his recovery.

With a newfound look on life and shift in his perspective, Belle Vex was forced to reassess his path and it was during this dark time and self-reflection, that his true calling emerged – music. Drawn to music as a way of coping and distraction from his fractured reality, he looks back on that time stating, “Music is a part of me. I was raised with it and trained for it my whole life. When I needed an outlet, I turned to the one thing I knew best and it absolutely was a way to cope. For me, it was escapism. Music saved my life.”

Belle Vex could have easily let this traumatic and unforeseen circumstances, define him. It would have been easy for him to give up or become a victim of his own reality however, by choosing to do something with his second chance at life, he has now not only created a lasting legacy of artistic work he’ll one day leave behind but also became a stronger force to be reckoned with, in doing so. Battling and starting over from scratch, Belle Vex’s unwavering determination, passion and enjoyment, is what has led him to release over a dozen songs and, amassing an impressive number of streams, hitting nearly a total of one million combined streams/plays.

Embracing this new chapter, Belle Vex the singer/songwriter was born!

Speaking on his experience and starting a new career path, Belle Vex stated “At the time I was more hopeful than anything. I think everyone is at the start, but you come face to face with the reality of it all at some point. I went from being focused on writing songs all the time to navigating a world I didn’t really know much about. Personally, it wasn’t terrifying or anything like that. It was just a new road I dedicated myself to walking.”

Not stopping to look in the rearview mirror, the multi-faceted talent is gearing up to potentially release some new, never before heard tracks in the Fall of 2024.


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