Sahil Nyati and Bharat Sharma Pioneer the Future of Global Learning with the Launch of AmiSkool - A New Era in Foreign Education and Immigration

Published February 8, 2024

Sahil Nyati, Director of Engineering at Maven Machines, is a distinguished figure in logistics technology. His expertise in automating trucking operations spans over ten years and is grounded in a robust Computer Science background. An ardent advocate of education and immigration, Nyati’s visionary approach is now set to redefine foreign education and immigration through the launch of AmiSkool.

Texas, United States - In a groundbreaking stride for international education, Sahil Nyati—a catalyst in revolutionizing trucking logistics and an eminent supply chain researcher—has joined forces with the accomplished entrepreneur Bharat Sharma to introduce AmiSkool.

This pioneering platform is poised to transform the landscape of foreign education and immigration, offering a global network for students to engage with leading industry professionals and distinguished alumni from sectors including supply chain, and computer science, among others.

AmiSkool stands at the forefront of educational innovation, promising to open unprecedented pathways for learner development and cross-border educational synergy. It emerges as a beacon for students pursuing overseas education, streamlining intricate immigration procedures. Its unique blend of academic and real-world career insights connects learners with a network of experts and alumni, shaping a comprehensive international education experience.

The collaborative genius of Sahil Nyati's tech acumen and Bharat Sharma's business savvy are the pillars supporting AmiSkool's mission. More than an educational tool, this platform aspires to be a comprehensive guide for students navigating the complexities of studying abroad. It features a bespoke buddy system, encompassing everything from academic advice and financial aid to authentic counseling against scams, emphasizing personalized human insight over artificial reliance.

"Think of AmiSkool not just as your portal to global education, but as your buddy abroad. Says Sahil, the Co-founder of AmiSkool. We are here to handhold you through each step of your international journey, ensuring you're never alone in pursuing your dreams," He continues.

AmiSkool marks a significant milestone in student mentorship and resource accessibility, enhancing academic and professional growth. As an essential tool for prospective international students, it offers unmatched support and guidance, positioning itself as a pivotal resource in the competitive realm of global education and career advancement.

About AmiSkool:

AmiSkool, the innovative educational platform, revolutionizes the study abroad journey with its comprehensive mentorship resources. It simplifies immigration processes and facilitates global academic collaboration for career excellence.

Contact Information:

Company: AmiSkool

Contact: Sahil Nyati

Phone: 607-768-0024




Location: Texas, United States

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