Night Wilds plots epic progressive rock concept album "All That Should Have Been"

Published February 9, 2024

Night Wilds are a new band, led by Seattle native Seth Micarelli, but their upcoming album, All That Should Have Been has the composition and production values of a much more mature project. Produced and mastered at some of the most famous rock studios on earth, the album has thus far been single-by-single, until the ultimate drop date of April 1st. 2024, All That Should Have Been is designed as an epic rock opera, set in a circus and following a young boy forced to perform.

I wrote the album to get out the story that had been trapped inside for years. It's a story for all those who have struggled to make sense of their inner world and need the help of stories. It told the story of a child made to perform, unsure of who he is or was, and the journey through that madness and to the other side. It walks through all the phases a human has to go through to emerge from these dark places. It begins with the setting of the helplessness and total reliance of a baby and moves to what sense a child makes of a world where its needs are not met, the burdens taken on and the weight of those mind made manacles.  

With a unique style that folds in progressive rock, post punk, Phantom of the Opera and just a cheeky soupçon of Tenacious D, the journey in All that Should Have Been is as relatable as it is fantastical. The band have released seemingly random breadcrumb singles like "New Jerusalem," "The Show," "Confusion" and "Mother" to give allusions to fans as to what this musical journey will be like, but the whole show won't be released until all 17 tracks are out. 

Each track that's already been released comes with a corresponding video (either lyric or otherwise) which drives home the eerie circus theme and intros the sections of the album. Chapters one and two are the spooky carnival setup where singer/songwriter Seth Micarelli takes on the persona of a demented ringleader and introduces the rest of the saga. It's a musical circus of trauma and a rollercoaster of emotional relatability, so fans are advised to buckle up.

"All That Should Have Been" follows the development of a child: helpless with it's needs not met. It tackles universal themes of fear and its deep roots, confusion and the search for the self, the need to dominate, control and keep all things in ones power, the slow realization that such a life is impossible and empty, the journey to be known in others and therefore discover oneself. Eventually the child grows up, comes to terms with his life and has children of his own. The album covers this epoch of the journey as well. Finally, the album ends with the final journey to accept and welcome the most hated parts of ourselves and the peace that ensues. 

Deconstructing faith and building it again - leaving a fundamentalist religion and finding courage to set out on your own path is a core running theme. Surviving difficulty in childhood and how that emerged into addiction and then the path not only to recover but to love and embrace the dark parts, not to act with them but to listen to the core at the center, anger, shame, rage, pain and to love the abandoned places again. The album is a concept album in the tradition of The Wall, Lateralus or Kid A, meant to be listened to from beginning to end - and although there are singles on the album they sit inside of the story arc. 

The teaser tracks have all done very well on Spotify, with the album's evocative, Springsteen-meets-Van Morrison-meets-Leonard Cohen-style ballad "City of Strangers" reaching almost a quarter of a million streams on Spotify. It stands to reason that when the full All That Should Have Been releases, Night Wilds will debut as a major new player on the prog rock scene. That's inconsequential for Micarelli, however, who says the album was simply about catharsis.

In writing this record, I wasn't thinking how the album would be received, and no matter what happens. I am proud to have created a record that is truly authentic.

Stream the new single "Heartland", out now on streaming platforms. "Heartland" is a melodic ode that pays tribute to the enchantment and untamed spirit of childhood. This musical narrative delves into the sibling bond and the liberty to embrace the world with youthful eyes. It underscores the resilience found in unity, a theme that resonates even in the realm of childhood, perhaps even more so. 

"Heartland is a song honoring childhood and the wonder and wildness of it. It's a song about siblings and growing up free to explore and know the world through those eyes. It's also a song about how we survive by coming together, even as kids, or maybe most especially as kids. It's certainly about my own life growing up in wide open spaces, wandering and exploring creeks and mud, imagining myself a warrior or a magician or at least an explorer and adventurer ready to battle all that came my way. It covers the time from being quite small and the beginnings of this life onward toward growing up. Behind the song is a sense of danger and fear which was real as well but within that story is also great connection that only siblings can know, especially those who went through difficult times together."

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The latest offering from this intense new release is  "A Long Way From Graceland". The soulful pop-rock of this single represents a turning point of surrender—it's a prayer asking God to meet him where he is, far from grace.

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