Mobile Game Planes Control Introduces Latest Update, Inviting Players to Experience the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Published February 10, 2024

The latest limited-time update for the mobile game Planes Control brings players to Rio de Janeiro, where they have to manage air traffic of the aeroplanes landing at Brazilian airports.

Rarepixels, the Spanish indie game studio recognised for its engaging mobile gaming experiences, is set to transport players into the vibrant ambiance of the world-renowned Carnival in Rio de Janeiro with the newest update to their popular title, Planes Control.

For the second year running, Rarepixels welcomes players to immerse themselves in one of the globe's most dynamic celebrations, all from the comfort of their mobile devices. From Feb 16 to Mar 6, gamers will be air traffic controllers tasked with guiding numerous aircraft to safety amidst the bustling airport of Rio de Janeiro. With planes lining up for landing, pilots seekin direction, and colourful flocks of birds adding to the challenge, players will face an exhilarating test of their strategic skills.

This limited-time update to Planes Control underscores Rarepixels' commitment to delivering unique and immersive gaming experiences centred around the world's most captivating cultural celebrations. The Rio de Janeiro Carnival joins a lineup of exclusive in-game events, including Halloween, Christmas, Oktoberfest in Munich, Holi festival, Saint Patrick's Day, and more.

Commenting on the update, a spokesperson for Rarepixels stated, "This limited-time update of Planes Control offers players a fresh perspective on the carnival experience, enhancing their gaming enjoyment and celebrating the cultural significance of carnivals worldwide. We aim to ensure that every gamer, regardless of location, can partake in the Carnival festivities, if only on their mobile phone screen."

Initially released in 2015, Planes Control is a free-to-play path-drawing landing game for aviation enthusiasts and casual gamers. Available on Android and iOS platforms, the game features 22 levels optimised for mobile devices and 6 high-definition levels tailored for tablets. Players can navigate over 90 meticulously detailed planes through challenging scenarios, highlighting Rarepixels' dedication to delivering engaging and accessible gameplay experiences.

Rarepixels, founded in 2015, is a leading indie game development studio specialising in crafting top-rated casual games for Android and iOS platforms. In addition to Planes Control, Rarepixels offers 2 Minutes in Space, another captivating mobile gaming adventure, and a commercial project developed in collaboration with one of the world's largest airline companies.

Join Rarepixels in Planes Control's Rio Carnival update, guiding planes amidst the Feb 16 - Mar 6 festivities.

Watch the Rio de Janeiro level in Planes Control to catch a glimpse of the thrilling Rio de Janeiro level trailer.

The game can be accessed via Playstore and AppStore.

Users can visit the official website, for any media or commercial inquiries.

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