Grozeo Launches in the UK, Transforming the Retail Experience with Innovative Technology

Published February 7, 2024

London, UK -- Grozeo, a trailblazing retail technology service provider, proudly commemorated its grand launch in the United Kingdom on January 30, 2024, at the historic House of Lords, Palace of Westminster, London, England. This event marked a significant milestone in the transformation of the retail landscape. Grozeo's commitment to inclusivity and innovation was prominently showcased throughout the evening, which unfolded with a glamorous champagne reception and concluded with an air of anticipation for the future of retail technology.

The chambers of the House of Lords bore witness to a momentous occasion on the 30th of January 2024, as Baroness Angela Bray of Coln St Aldwyns presided over the unveiling of Grozeo, an avant-garde retail technology company poised to redefine the industry. This event was graced by the illustrious presence of HRH Princess Katarina, whose regal touch symbolised the inauguration of this groundbreaking enterprise. The ceremony unfolded with enlightening speeches by Khaja Husain, the CEO of Grozeo, and Elvijs Plugis, the Chief Marketing Officer, who elucidated the profound impact this innovative company intends to make in commerce.

A Glimpse into Grozeo

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Grozeo is a paragon of innovation and inclusivity in retail technology. In an era where e-commerce behemoths often overshadow local businesses, Grozeo emerges as a beacon of hope for enterprises of all sizes in the UK. At its core, Grozeo is propelled by a noble mission - the democratisation of technology. The company ensures that even those with limited financial means can access cutting-edge tools and solutions. By doing so, Grozeo levels the playing field, offering smaller businesses the opportunity to survive and thrive in an increasingly digital landscape.

Grozeo's commitment extends beyond technology provision; it seeks to bridge the chasm between the virtual and physical retail worlds. The company offers affordable point-of-sale systems, state-of-the-art inventory management software, and advanced customer relationship tools. Grozeo envisions a future where retailers, regardless of size or financial constraints, can harness technology's power to enhance their operations and better serve their customers.

Distinguished Attendees

More than 200 guests graced the launch event at the House of Lords. The diverse guest list included:

  • High-ranking government officials
  • Members of the nobility
  • High commissioners
  • Royal family members
  • Councillors
  • Enterprising business developers
  • Prominent figures from the press

Notable attendees such as Grozeo's co-founder, Rafeeque Olikkathodi, Lord Taylor of Holbeach, Baroness Seema Kumar, Baroness Emma Nicholson, Lady Victoria Hervey, Karen Millen, Olivia Arben, Naomi and Haydn Isted, Rene Awambeng, Tina Harf, Sascha Lilic, Olga Balakleets, Islee Oliva de Salinas, Alex Bez, Noelle Reno, Zineb Faress, Dr Tunc and Sylvia Tiryaki, Olga Roh, Othman Alomeir, Natasha Arben, Charli Fisher, Jordan Stanford, Karlo Baker, Fernando Montano, Eda Sansel, Jose Zambrano, Brigitte and Ingo Othala, James Edward, Natalia Cassel, and the co-host of the evening, Grozeo ambassador and CEO and founder for the Parliamentary Society, Rebeca Riofrio, graced the event with their presence. This diverse assemblage underscored the widespread anticipation and enthusiasm surrounding Grozeo's vision and its transformative potential for the retail industry.

A Promising Future for Retail Technology

As Grozeo embarks on this exhilarating journey, it stands poised to reshape the retail technology landscape, democratise access to innovation, and nurture an environment where businesses of all dimensions can flourish. The House of Lords launch event marked just the beginning, heralding a new era in retail technology. Grozeo, with its noble mission and visionary leadership, proudly assumes the mantle of leadership in this revolution.

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Grozeo's grand unveiling at the House of Lords will undoubtedly be remembered as a historic moment in the annals of retail technology. At this moment, innovation, inclusivity, and transformation converged to pave the way for a brighter future in commerce.


Elvijs Plugis

Chief Marketing Officer

Grozeo (UK)

Vehement Media