C Chain: Redefining the Web3 Blockchain Monetary System

Published April 17, 2024

Amidst the rise of the Web3 wave, blockchain technology is driving profound changes in the financial realm. Recently, a highly anticipated new project, C Chain, has emerged, aiming to reshape the decentralized Web3 monetary system through an innovative dual-token model and computational power mining mechanism.

C Chain is a permissionless, high-speed blockchain project that proposes an innovative decentralized cryptocurrency and financial system concept. It adopts a dual-token model, consisting of a cryptocurrency token and an algorithmic stablecoin, with a total supply of 330 million. By burning tokens to control monetary deflation, it aims to achieve long-term token value growth. Simultaneously, the stablecoin's price will be maintained through cryptocurrency asset collateralization and algorithmic supply adjustments.

All participants can contribute resources or computational power to participate in the token and stablecoin issuance process. C Chain's goal is to achieve true decentralization and decapitalization of wealth, allowing value to be shared among all humanity. In the future, the project plans to develop its own public chain system and introduce innovative technologies such as new consensus mechanisms and zero-knowledge proofs, with the ambition of fundamentally transforming the existing financial system through decentralized forces and realizing the novel vision of Web3.

Notably, the entire 330 million total supply of C Chain tokens is derived from computational power mining. The first method is mobile device mining, where users only need to contribute their mobile device's computational power to mine for free, with a mining power coefficient of "mining the first block," and an estimated price of $0.1. However, due to scarcity and high demand, the token value could rapidly surge tens or even hundreds of times. Each device has only one mining opportunity, representing a true zero-cost, pure Depin economic model.

The second method is a collaborative mining mode between biological brains and AI. Users can earn mining power by finding the correct answers from disorganized data. As the number of participants grows, the data stored on the chain will provide breakthrough progress for AI models, enabling human-machine collaboration and development.

The third method is an AI mining pool protection mechanism. When the token price declines, participants can recover lost value through C Chain's AI financial mega-model while still earning stable mining rewards, effectively mitigating investment risks and demonstrating a commitment to protecting participants' interests.

With its innovative dual-token model, unique computational power mining mechanism, and unwavering pursuit of the Web3 decentralization vision, C Chain is leading the next wave of transformation in the blockchain and cryptocurrency realm. We eagerly anticipate how this novel decentralized monetary and financial system will reshape the Web3 ecosystem.

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