AutoAid: Your Pocket Garage Debuts on Faridabad Rockers Podcast

Published April 22, 2024

AutoAid, the revolutionary all-in-one car care app, recently made its debut on the popular Faridabad Rockers podcast. CEO Suryakirti Singh's appearance highlighted the company's mission to empower drivers with convenient, reliable car care.

"If you believe in yourself and feel confident, you can do anything," emphasized Mr. Singh, reflecting AutoAid's commitment to providing drivers with relevant vehicle services to enable a hassle free driving experience.

The podcast delved into AutoAid's innovative "pocket garage" concept – a comprehensive mobile app that resolves all your car maintenance and unexpected issues.

Key features and benefits include:

Complete Automotive Care: From scheduled maintenance and car washes to emergency repairs and roadside assistance, AutoAid streamlines car care.

24/7 Expert Support: Expert help is always available, ensuring drivers aren't stranded when problems arise.

Safety Focus: AutoAid prioritizes safety with a platform connecting them to verified, trustworthy professionals.

Mr. Singh reinforced this focus: "Autoaid is helping hand... Anytime, anywhere, your vehicle breaks down, AutoAid is there."

Experience Your Own Pocket Garage

Download the AutoAid app today and discover:

  • Comprehensive car care solutions
  • Round-the-clock support
  • Emphasis on driver safety

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