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Published February 22, 2023
Boerne, TX (Newsworthy.ai) Wednesday Feb 22, 2023 @ 5:00 AM Central —

Note: This press release was written by Artificial Intelligence at Newsworthy.ai.

Today, Newsworthy.ai announced that it has integrated artificial intelligence (AI) from its recently launched Newswriter.ai tool into its existing news marketing and press release distribution platform. Thanks to this integration, Newsworthy.ai customers can quickly compose highly optimized press releases, receive editorial improvement suggestions, and easily generate journalist pitches and social media content to further promote their message.

The goal of this integration is to make the press release creation and dissemination process much easier for marketers, bloggers, businesses, and organizations.

"Incorporating AI into the press release workflow is a key component in helping our customers quickly compose eye-catching press releases that attract attention," said David McInnis, the founder of Newsworthy.ai. "Customers will get the benefit of an AI's analysis on the content of the press release, providing them with suggested improvements that they can use to optimize their news announcement, and social media messages for Twitter and LinkedIn."

With this integration, Newsworthy.ai has made the press release creation and dissemination process much easier — all from a single platform. The goal of the integration is to enable Newsworthy.ai customers quickly:

  • draft quality press releases
  • get editorial suggestions for existing press releases
  • create engaging social media messages to further promote their news on social
  • generate journalist/marketing 'pitches' for outreach purposes

"With this feature, our customers get a combination of best practices and custom-generated content that is based on the AI's analysis of the release content," adds Mark Willaman, cofounder of Newsworthy.ai. "We're excited to help our customers take advantage of AI to achieve maximum reach and engagement for their news announcements."

About Newsworthy.ai — The News Marketing Platform

In addition to traditional centralized newswire distribution, Newsworthy offers cost-effective, decentralized news marketing through influencers, brand ambassadors, industry-specific websites, and other tools that give news a targeted boost and increased visibility. Newsworthy.ai also has a suite of GPT-3 OpenAI powered AI tools, such as Newswriter.ai, to help companies compose eye-catching press releases, receive press release editorial improvement suggestions, and generate journalist/marketing pitches and social media content to further promote their news - in minutes.

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