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Published April 5, 2023

A tick bite frequently results in the bacterial infection known as Lyme disease. It may result in a number of symptoms, including skin rashes, exhaustion, fever, and headache. The disease can be challenging to diagnose due to the similarity of its symptoms to those of other illnesses. In addition, some patients may not develop the characteristic rash, and it can take weeks for antibodies to the bacteria to appear in the blood.

Acupuncture is where the EAV system first emerged. One of the creators of electroacupuncture, which includes delivering a little electrical current to acupuncture points, was the German physician Dr. Reinhold Voll. Using acupuncture sites to assess bodily resistance, a testing device for electronic devices was created thanks to Dr. Voll's study.

EAV is used to evaluate Lyme disease since it might be difficult to identify. The body's energy field can exhibit imbalances and disturbances that the EAV tool can identify; these could be signs of Lyme disease. The EAV tool is a non-intrusive assessment technique that can produce precise and trustworthy results.

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The Corpus Naturalis Clinic offers a variety of all-natural and efficient modalities to treat Lyme disease following the evaluation of the problem with EAV. No two bodies or persons are alike, thus the clinic's regimens are customised to match individual needs. Rife therapy, detoxification, vitamin and amino acid therapy, and PEMF therapy are some of the techniques that the clinic offers. The symptoms of Lyme disease can be managed with the aid of these natural techniques in addition to traditional therapies.

"At Corpus Naturalis, we evaluate and identify Lyme illness using the EAV technology. It has been demonstrated that the EAV system is a reliable and efficient technique for identifying abnormalities in the body's energy field, which may be a sign of Lyme disease. To assist our clients in achieving maximum health, we construct tailored treatment regimens using a holistic approach "explained Corpus Naturalis' proprietor.

Ever since, The Corpus Naturalis Clinic has made a point to provide the most value and best information to people who have chronic illness. To find out more about the innovative Lyme disease testing and treatment options offered by Corpus Naturalis, visit their website or contact them through phone or email.

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About The Corpus Naturalis Clinic

The Corpus Naturalis Clinic provides a variety of all-natural treatment options in addition to EAV for disease. Detoxification, vitamin and amino acid therapy, and PEMF therapy are a few of these. The clinic is committed to giving their patients safe, efficient treatments and to staying on the cutting edge of cutting-edge modalities in order to provide the greatest service.

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