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Published March 20, 2023
Waxahachie, Texas -

The Iskandar Complex Hernia Center, based in Waxahachie, TX, recently published an article about the different types of hernias and the treatments which are available for each one. The Center focuses exclusively on issues of this nature, and they have much to share with their community.

Hernias are openings in the abdominal wall that allow the intestines or fat to protrude through. Hernia repair surgery aims to reduce the possibility of the hernia recurring by closing the opening with little or no tension. Hernias come in a variety of forms, and each form has its own unique characteristics. In the article, the Center discusses the differences between each hernia type as well as the challenges associated with treating them.

At the Iskandar Complex Hernia Center they offer hernia patients a listen-first, non-judgmental approach to treating all kinds of hernias. Dr. Mazen Iskandar approaches each patient with empathy and uses his years of experience and expertise to provide them with a dramatically improved quality of life through minimally invasive treatment.

The first type of hernia the article talks about is groin hernias, which are further sub-categorized into the following: inguinal and femoral. Inguinal hernias are the most common, occurring in the crease that divides the upper thigh from the lower abdomen. Its signs and symptoms include bulging, pain and discomfort when sitting or moving around and so on.

Femoral hernias can develop right below the groin crease, and they form when the lower groin becomes weak allowing an intestinal sac to slip into the femoral canal, a space near the femoral vein that carries blood from the leg to the body. They are more likely than inguinal hernias to feature incarceration or strangulation as an early complication, and it is important to seek out diagnosis and treatment swiftly to avoid further issues from arising.

The article also talks about diaphragmatic hernias, which include hiatal, Morgagni and Bochdalek hernias. Hiatal hernias develop when the top part of an individual’s stomach pushes through their stomach into their ribcage. More than half of people develop this type of hernia by the time they turn 60. Morgagni hernias are a rare type of hernia that usually does not cause any symptoms. Bochdalek hernias, like Morgagni hernias, are quite rare.

Hernias can recur after treatment and are referred to as recurrent hernias when they do. “Due to the nature of the weak abdominal wall, hernias can occur again even under ideal conditions,” the article says. “Recurrent hernias are more challenging to treat than other forms of hernias because of the presence of surgical scar tissue, previous use of surgical mesh, and inflamed tissue in the area. Recurrent hernias should be examined right away to see if they can be repaired. A surgeon who specializes in treating complex or recurrent hernias is known as a complex hernia surgeon.”

It adds, “While many general surgeons perform hernia surgery, it becomes extremely important to locate a surgeon with extensive experience in dealing with complex hernia surgery and abdominal wall reconstruction as a case becomes more complicated. One of the top complex hernia specialists in the country, Dr. Iskandar receives frequent referrals from other surgeons for their complex cases.”

Dr. Iskandar’s renowned expertise and compassion make hernia surgery, a fairly complex procedure even under the best conditions, a situation that patients do not have to worry about. Hernia surgery can greatly improve their quality of life when done successfully by a qualified doctor, and they need only contact the Center’s friendly medical team to request an appointment with Dr. Iskandar and go on to experience a dramatic improvement in their circumstances.

“I saw Dr. Iskandar for a Hernia repair,” says Dwayne P. “Considering the time I actually spent talking to Dr. Iskandar, I found him to be very likable. He is soft spoken, professional, caring, and I even found him to be humble, when I gave him a compliment. His staff actually has pleasant personalities, and everyone involved in my surgery at Baylor was outstanding. I highly recommend Dr. Iskandar for any surgical needs. [...] I'm happy with my decision to have Dr. Iskandar perform the repair.”

Patients may learn more about the different types of hernias by visiting Dr. Iskandar’s website. They may also call or email the Center to schedule a consultation or pursue any other inquiries.


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