Tripple Card Debuts World's First Payment Card that Connects Web3 Wallets

Published February 10, 2023

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Tripple card unlocks $50 billion in Web3 assets for real-world card payments

Payments startup Tripple is pleased to announce that users can now enter the waitlist for its flagship product – a crypto payments card that will be the first to allow users to spend using their DeFi wallets. Tripple's payment card addresses a major bottleneck for Web3 users by allowing them to spend their crypto assets stored in DeFi-related wallets. The Tripple card accomplishes this while allowing users to maintain complete custody over their assets and easily topping up the card with the amount that is needed for spending.

The current landscape for crypto payment cards is severely deficient, given that there is heavy concentration among a few card providers who do not allow their users to have direct control over their own assets. Like banks, most crypto card providers are centralized exchanges, requiring users to give up ownership of their assets by depositing them in an exchange account.

The few card providers that promote self-custody mandate users to create wallets developed by their company. This approach makes users vulnerable to a total loss of their funds if a bug exists in the company wallet. The crypto industry is rife with accounts of users losing everything due to concentrating their wealth in a single wallet, exchange, or protocol. Tripple offers a different card. In a crypto industry where roughly $4 billion was lost due to security issues in 2022, those interested in crypto payment cards require a truly secure and decentralized solution.

Tripple card is the best payment card for DeFi users as it doesn't require users to change their self-custody habits. Tripple card allows users to  convert crypto from a preferred Web3 wallet to fiat, enabling spending at point-of-sale (PoS) machines and online vendors globally. The decentralized finance (DeFi) industry alone boasts over $50 billion in assets. These assets can become spendable in the real world via the Tripple card.

“The dynamics of how people work are changing. In previous decades, it was almost unthinkable for someone to earn a living outside of an office or workplace. People can now earn an income independent of their location and decentralized technology is also changing the nature of how people earn. Innovators and tinkerers are building a completely decentralized web and an increasing amount of value is transitioning to this new web infrastructure. Our mission is to give the growing share of users within this space the ability to also spend their assets in the real world”

Vytautas Zabulis Tripple, and H-Finance CEO.

Tripple will be the gateway whereby DeFi users can spend their assets in the real world. The need for such a solution becomes increasingly important with the emergence of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and other fully internet-based corporations. Tripple's card will eventually accept most tokens within the DeFi and Web3 ecosystem while preserving the self-custody tenets that underpin crypto ownership.

The path to mainstream DeFi adoption begins with enabling an instant, safe, decentralized spending experience for everyday users. Tripple is poised to play a key role in unlocking such outcomes and invites users to now enter the Tripple card waitlist and be among the earliest adopters of this payments card innovation.

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