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Published April 11, 2023

Avant! AI Proved It Has Superior Capabilities When Performing Real-Time Cyber Incident Analysis, Identifying Weak Spots, Assessing the Impact Experienced Across the Organization, and Recommending Immediate Technical Remediation Methods.

Company Plans to Continue Its Efforts to Position and Perfect Avant! AI as a Weapon to Successfully Recommend Efficient Response Strategies to Contain, Eradicate, and Recover from Cyber Incidents in Real-Time.

The Current Global Cybersecurity Market Is $200+ Billion; Expected to Reach $500+ Billion by 2030

Vilnius, Lithuania April 11, 2023 Trend Innovations Holding Inc. (OTCQB:TREN) ("TREN" or the "Company"), a company creating, developing and acquiring innovative software technologies providing complex solutions utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) as well as providing Information Technology (IT) that includes consulting services, including project management and software administration, financial and asset management, service management and event management for IT solutions, today announced that together with GBT Technologies Inc. (OTC PINK: GTCH) ("GBT"), they mutually and successfully tested Avant! AI in a theoretical cybersecurity incident simulation. In the simulation, Avant! AI proved to have superior capabilities when performing real-time cyber incident analysis, identifying weak spots, assessing the impact experienced across the organization, and recommending immediate technical remediation methods in the $200+ billion Global Cybersecurity market.

Natalija Tunevic, the President, CEO of TREN said, "The Global Cybersecurity Market was valued at $220.51 billion in 2021, and the worldwide cybersecurity market is expected to reach $501.6 billion by 2030. Our Avant! AI machine learning technology will help the Company to compete for a substantial percentage of this ever-growing market. Avant! AI was trained to analyze the cybersecurity incident in our simulation by pointing out threats and vulnerabilities, prioritizing remediation methods, and recommending a course of action for recovery."

Tunevic continued, "Avant! also proved to have superior capabilities by successfully recommending efficient response strategies to contain, eradicate and recover from the cyber incident. Finally, it also evaluated and recommended communication strategies during the incident, internally and publicly.

"The Company plans to continue its efforts to adapt Avant! AI to perform as an intelligent cybersecurity agent so that it can assist organizations with monitoring, identifying, remediating, and recovering from any potential cyber-attacks. By conducting such simulations, organizations can identify weaknesses in their security posture, improve incident response procedures, and ultimately reduce the likelihood of a successful cyberattack."

The Company believes that robust cybersecurity theoretical incident simulations are essential in helping organizations proactively prepare for potential cyber threats and enhancing their ability to respond to security incidents effectively. Avant! AI was trained to perform as an intelligent agent for a large-scale corporation, to analyze a simulated cyber-attack, reach conclusions, recommend mitigation methods, and quickly recover the attacked company back to regular operation. Particularly, in today's economy, it is insufficient to simply identify and mitigate cyberattack incidents. The future of an entire organization depends on how fast it can return to regular operations in order to stay in business. The process involves logical, calculated threat modeling, risk assessment, and how organizations handle the challenges of leading a crisis, responding, and recovering. During the simulation, Avant! AI considered technical remediations, executive team decisions, public communication, and aftermath improvements.

About Trend Innovations Holding Inc.

Trend Innovations Holding Inc. (OTCQB: TREN) is an expert in the field of information technology based on artificial intelligence. Recently, Trend Innovations acquired Avant! AI and InstantFAME, two technologies operating in multi-billion-dollar industries. The company's "Thy News" application is one of the TRENs key projects. Thy News is a worldwide application used for processing news from multiple sources. Thy News was created for users who value their time but want to keep up with the latest in world news. The app offers the user the opportunity to create their own news feeds solely from those sources that are of interest to them, as well as creating additional news feeds segmented by topic.

More information about Trend Innovations can be found at

About GBT Technologies, Inc.

GBT Technologies, Inc. (OTC PINK: GTCH) ("GBT") ( is a development stage company which considers itself a native of Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Enabled Mobile Technology Platforms used to increase IC performance. GBT has assembled a team with extensive technology expertise and is building an intellectual property portfolio consisting of many patents. GBT's mission is to license the technology and IP to synergetic partners in the areas of hardware and software. Once commercialized, it is GBT's goal to have a suite of products, including smart microchips, AI, encryption, Blockchain, IC design, mobile security applications, database management protocols, with tracking and supporting cloud software (without the need for GPS). GBT envisions this system as a creation of a global mesh network using advanced nodes and super performing new generation IC technology. The core of the system will be its advanced microchip technology; technology that can be installed in any mobile or fixed device worldwide. GBT's vision is to produce this system as a low cost, secure, private-mesh-network between all enabled devices. Thus, providing shared processing, advanced mobile database management and sharing while using these enhanced mobile features as an alternative to traditional carrier services. More information about GBT Technologies can be found at

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Natalija Tunevic, CEO
Trend Innovations Holding Inc.

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